Homestead Hack: Saving Your Fingernails When Cleaning

by Texas Homesteader ~ We’ve all been there.  You scrub & scrub your stove but that tiny little stuck-on piece is being stubborn.  You scratch at it with your fingernail to dry to dislodge it.  But since your hands have been in the water, those fingernails don’t have the same ooomph as when they’re dry. […]

Homestead Hack: Use All Of Your Spray Cleaner

by Texas Homesteader ~ Cleaning – we’ve all gotta do it #amiright??!! My favorite cleaner is much simplified from my younger days.  Back  then I’d prance down the highly-scented cleaning aisle picking up whichever cleaner spray had the most eye-catching label. But I recently wrote about how cleaning has become complicated.  So my cleaner of […]

Grandma-Approved Cleaning Techniques For A Cozy Home

by Texas Homesteader ~ Life is busy & days seem so crammed that many people struggle to keep a tidy house. But maybe there’s an easier way. We can learn to clean like grandma did. I’m nowhere the housekeeper grandma was, but here are a few things we do here on our Homestead that grandma […]

Homestead Hack: Quick Cleaning For Coffee Mugs

by Texas Homesteader ~  RancherMan & I like our morning coffee. A lot.  Each morning before we begin our outside homestead chores we complete our computer work inside while enjoying those hot steamin’ cups o joe.  When we’ve had our fill for the morning (Ok, after SEVERAL cups. OK TWO POTS – don’t judge me!) we […]