How To Make An All-Natural Air Freshener For Pennies

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I easily make my own natural air freshener using only baking soda, essential oil, a repurposed canning jar & some pretty leftover lace. It’s simple to refresh when needed and it’s an inexpensive zero-waste answer to a deodorizing problem.

I don't want artificial air fresheners & scented candles in our home. So I easily made my own air freshener with baking soda, essential oil, a repurposed canning jar & leftover lace. #TexasHomesteader

No Artificial Scent In Our Home

Years ago I did away with artificial scents in our home. Oh how I used to love those reed diffusers, plug-in room fresheners and scented candles!

But I decided those artificial scents just weren’t right for me or my family. I wanted a more natural and chemical-free home.

So I opted for Homemade Cleaners instead of purchased ones. And I also opted for natural homemade Beeswax Candles instead of their artificially-scented counterparts.

I don't want toxins in my home. So instead of artificially scented candles I make my own beeswax candles in repurposed jars. #TexasHomesteader

It’s all been such a good change for us! But what about a more natural deodorizer?

Recently I made a super-cute room freshener using a repurposed canning jar and a small piece of leftover lace. So easy, so inexpensive and so pretty!

Natural Homemade Deodorizer Solutions

Did you ever notice just how overpowering those artificial room deodorizers can be? I mean, I know they’re trying to freshen the air but WHEW!

Sometimes it’s enough to take your breath away just walking down the cleaning aisle at the store. I guess the product manufacturers just assume more is better. But I disagree.

These days I’m more apt to use baking soda & essential oils for room fresheners than a plastic-packaged plug-in deodorizer delivering a sometimes overpowering artificial scent. It appeals to my budget side as well as my eco-warrior side.

Whipping up this cute air freshener really couldn’t be easier! Plus I’m using reusable items so there’s nothing to go into the trash. Oh how I love it!

I utilized the same leftover lace that I’d used to Frost The Window Glass in my guest bathroom. You can use whatever lace you have handy or leftover from other projects.

No curtains in the bathroom, I used lace applied directly to window glass for privacy. #TexasHomesteader

But a wider, more open weave of lace is perfect for this homemade room deodorizer.

I also used a tiny ¼-pint sized canning jar with its canning ring, some baking soda and some delightful lavender-scented essential oil.

Making My Homemade Air Freshener

Making this homemade room deodorizer was simple.

I filled the empty canning jar about 2/3 full with baking soda and added several drops of essential oil.

The quantity of essential oil needed might vary depending upon the size of your jar, the quantity of your baking soda and how strong you wish the scent to be.

For me, it was about 20-30 drops of essential oil. But feel free to personalize it to your own liking!

When I had the essential oils added, I stirred the baking soda until the essential oil was fully mixed in. I used a chopstick to mix everything together.

Not only did it make it easier to stir but kept everything neat and tidy inside the jar while fully mixing the ingredients.

It only took a minute or so to make my air freshener mixture. How’s THAT for fast & simple??!

I don't want artificial air fresheners & scented candles in our home. So I easily made my own air freshener with baking soda, essential oil, a repurposed canning jar & leftover lace #TexasHomesteader

Making A Decorative Reusable Air Freshener Jar

Now that my air freshener mixture is ready, I cut the lace remnant in a circle large enough to overlap the mouth of the jar as far as I wanted.

I decided I wanted the lace to drape over about ¾ of the jar. That way the lace itself could be part of the decorative aspect of my homemade room deodorizer jar.

The circle of lace was then placed on top of the jar. I held it in place as I screwed the metal band on top to hold it all in place. Done & DONE!

All natural room freshener deodorizer #TexasHomesteader

When my room freshener was finished I placed it on the windowsill to lightly scent the room. The warmth of the sun coming through the window & hitting this jar gently intensified the scent – I loved it.

Ways To Embellish Your Homemade Deodorizer Jar

I often use the canning jar, ring and lace just as they are, but you can add some embellishments if you want:

Spray Paint The Ring To Match Your Decor –  I’ve used the ring in its original color as well as a white ring to tie in with the white baking soda and lace theme of my vintage bathroom decor. But you can paint that ring a complimentary color to match any colors in your room.

Add Colored Ribbons – Small satin ribbons tied around the mouth of the jar add a nice touch. Again, in the colors of your room. 

Tie Raffia Around Jar – Raffia is a nice minimalistic touch, and you can even tie on a small stick of cinnamon or a tiny silk flower as embellishments.

Wrap Jar In Cloth – Another nice minimalistic touch, wrap the jar in burlap, or any other cloth that matches your decor.

Natural Deodorizer For Your Car Too!

Another great use I discovered quite by accident is that you can use it as a car freshener too.

You see, once when we accidentally spilled something in our car it began to smell, uuuhhhh, well, kinda soured.

So after we cleaned the spill thoroughly I placed this air freshener in one of our car’s cup holders for a few days.

The warmth inside the car (especially when it was parked in the sun) made the aroma in the car really nice. So go ahead & make another one just for the car.

Why not? The ingredients are so simple and readily available!

Plus it’s very easy to refresh this air freshener if the scent begins to fade. Just add a few drops of essential oil and stir it in!


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3 thoughts on “How To Make An All-Natural Air Freshener For Pennies

  1. Alicia

    I’m not sure about others, but when I Cook, the entire neighborhood knows what we’re having for lunch or dinner. But today I noticed a lingering smell of Onions in my bedroom. That just won’t work for me so I grabbed the recipe for the All-Natural Air Freshener and went to town.. (it took a whole 3 minutes) measuring the baking soda and putting in the drops of EO… I used Orange Spice. What a difference it made. Like a totally different area. I have it placed on my dresser so the aroma could go into the bathroom as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU….. By tomorrow, each room with have a different aroma. 🙂

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Love this Alicia, thanks for sharing your experience!! For me, I figure just because it’s only an air freshener doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too, right? And it’s so easy to pop the scent again when it begins to fade – just add a couple of drops of EO. No trash, no plastic waste, and a pretty yet effective air freshener to boot. For pennies! Gotta love it.


  2. Beth S.

    Thanks for the easy breezy project. I’m going to make one and place it on the bathroom window sill.


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