MYO Inexpensive Citrus-Scented Cleaner

by Texas Homesteader 

I like to use the most non-toxic products when I clean, so I often make my own. Luckily it’s super easy (and super inexpensive) to make your own cleaners. One of the most common standbys for me is plain distilled vinegar. So inexpensive and such a great cleaner. And I’ve read that its acidity makes it effective at killing many kinds of bacteria and molds. Plus it’s also a great deodorizer.

But RancherMan’s not fond of the smell of vinegar so I typically scent it with something natural. I’ve used rosemary to scent it for my Rosemary-Scented Hair Rinse. But today I’m making it citrus scented for cleaning.

MYO CHEAP CITRUS-SCENTED CLEANER - Vinegar's acidity makes it effective at killing many kinds of bacteria & it's a great deodorizer. #TexasHomesteader

Infusing With Orange Peels

It was so easy too. You see, each morning I typically enjoy a fresh orange with my breakfast. So I took a quart canning jar and filled it with vinegar. Then I enjoyed my orange, removed the white pith from the back of the peel & dropped the cleaned peel into the vinegar, giving the contents a little swirl.

The next morning when I enjoyed my orange I once again removed the pith from the back and dropped the peels into the jar of vinegar, giving the contents a little swirl.  When the jar was full of peels I continued swirling the contents about once every day or so.

Over time the color of the vinegar changes from clear to a light orange. After about a week or so of swirling the contents each morning I was able to strain out the peels. And Hocus Pocus the resulting vinegar is now transformed into a powerful citrus-scented cleaner!

Using My Citrus-Scented Cleaner

I like to use this vinegar in a repurposed spray bottle with a tiny squirt of grease-cutting dish liquid. This cleaner works great for removing soap residue on my shower doors – I spray it on & let it sit for about 30 minutes to soften the soap scum. Then I come back & respray, then with a quick scrub and rinse the shower doors are clean.

I also use this cleaner in other areas of my bathroom – floor tiles, toilet bowl, and bathtub. It does a great job on all these surfaces. And I’ve been able to take a very inexpensive pantry staple along with a repurposed spray bottle & make it into something useful for my household.


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27 thoughts on “MYO Inexpensive Citrus-Scented Cleaner

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I do too Michele, and it disguises the vinegar odor enough that I feel more comfortable using it for cleaning in our home even though RancherMan doesn’t like the smell of vinegar. ~TxH~

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  2. Katherine @ Mind Body and Sole

    Hi! 🙂

    This week’s edition of Wildcrafting Wednesday is all about personal care and cleaning and getting rid of the toxic and disposable items we use every day on our bodies and in our homes. This would be a great addition and I hope you’ll share it with us this week on Wildcrafting Wednesday.

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Cathy

    I have used vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils a LOT for house hold cleaners, but have just not gotten around to making citrus scented cleaners. So, enough procrastinating on my part (read being too busy with other stuff), you have inspired me to take 5 minutes to get this going!
    Thanks again.

  4. Kristen

    What a great idea! Especially since I’m currently sitting next to a pile to orange peels left from my daughter! I think it was meant to me. Anything to neutralize that vinegar smell. Even if the citrus smell starts to fade, I’ll prob just add a drop or two of essential oil. Have a great weekend!

  5. Shawna

    My mouth dropped open when I realized what you were making! citrus cleaner! Great idea.
    Thank you for sharing it on our Four Seasons Blog Hop. Pinning now

  6. Candy C.

    I came across a very similar ‘recipe’ on another blog not too long ago, except you use lemon juice. It has now become my go-to bathroom cleaner, works better than ANYTHING I’ve ever used! 🙂


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