Using Dehydrated Apples In Homemade Granola

by Texas Homesteader
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I’ve really been on a roll this year with my dehydrator. I’ve dehydrated carrots & potatoes, celery and squash, green beans & tomatoes along with many more veggies. Recently I fell upon a great deal on apples and I picked up about 10 lbs of sweet red ones.

RancherMan doesn’t eat many apples. And although I love to eat them raw there’s no way I can consume that many apples before they go bad. So I set out to preserve them.

After finding a great deal on apples I dehydrated them into soft chewy chunks. Good for me, good for my wallet & good for the environment! #TexasHomesteader

But I’ve dehydrated apple slices before and although they were delicious I really wanted to preserve these in a way that would take the place of something I ordinarily would buy.

I recently made my favorite pumpkin granola and I like to use raisins to add a natural sweetness. But I used the last of my raisins in that batch so now I’m faced with buying more. Hummm…

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I wonder if I can dehydrate these apples into small raisin-sized chunks to replace the raisins that typically sweeten my granola. I decided to give it a try.

With this many apples waiting to be processed, thank goodness I had my * apple peeler handy as I can peel, core & slice them literally in seconds. (This thing has to be the best invention EVER!)

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer. After finding a great deal on apples I dehydrated them into soft chewy chunks. Good for me, good for my wallet & good for the environment! #TexasHomesteader

I put the peeled slices in a solution of lemon & water to keep them from turning dark. And then I took the peels out to the goats who were immensely appreciative of my apple-preservation efforts…

Not Fully Pleased With These Dehydrated Apples

I cut the peeled apple slices into about 1/4″ pieces and arranged them on the dehydrator to dry for about 12 hours. Then I sampled one and although the taste was delicious I wasn’t really happy with the texture due to how then the slices were when they were fully dry.

So back to my apple peeler I went with a fresh supply of apples, this time lowering the core/slice section on the device and I just used it to peel the apples this time.

Then I used this apple cutter to cut them into thicker slices & remove the core. Then I cut the thicker slices into about 1/4″ pieces and arranged them on my dehydrator.

Using this apple cutter to slice the apple into thicker wedges. #TexasHomesteader

Thicker Apple Slices For The Win!

These thicker slices took a little longer to fully dehydrate, probably about 14-16 hours. But they were chewy and sweet – the perfect addition to my granola!

Jar of dehydrated apples. After finding a great deal on apples I dehydrated them into soft chewy chunks. Good for me, good for my wallet & good for the environment! #TexasHomesteader

This quest to be more self sufficient has been so much fun for me. I delight in finding new ways to provide something for my family that otherwise would have been purchased.

It’s a fun challenge to think outside the box when pondering our needs. And It’s exciting to see what the next step will be.

By using this abundance of apples & preserving them into sweet apple chunks I’ve used very little money to purchase a natural product and preserve it myself to sweeten my granola. I feel pretty good about that!


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10 thoughts on “Using Dehydrated Apples In Homemade Granola

  1. Terri Presser

    Thanks for sharing this great post at Good Morning Mondays. I have had an apple peeler and corer for quite a few years now and they are fantastic. I use it when I am bottling my apples. I am really getting dehydrator envy :-). Will have to save up and get one asap. Blessings to you and RancherMan.

  2. Cynthia

    I just love apples. I like that you were able to use these in place of buying something else. Thank you for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

  3. A

    I, too, have thought to use dried apples this way, but just snipped the dried slices into bits with shears and added to instant oatmeal packets.

  4. Diana

    I just big a big batch a dehydrated apples a couple weeks ago. That peeler you have would have been awesome to have. I never thought of adding the apples to granola, sounds tasty.

  5. Candy C.

    You have really been giving your dehydrator a workout this year, with great results! 🙂
    I have one of those apple peeler thingys but haven’t used it yet…


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