What Food Is Growing In My Homestead Garden in May?

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’m sharing what I’ve planted in my Texas Homestead garden, where you can find those plants and seeds for your own garden and even different ways & recipes I use I enjoy each thing I harvest.

C’mon and walk with me through the garden & let’s see what’s “growing” on these days.

After a rocky start getting the garden going this year, I'm finally getting to the point that I can get outside for light garden work, potatoes, onions, peppers, beans #TexasHomesteader

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May is a great month for veggie gardening in NE Texas. The temps usually haven’t heated up too drastically. And spring rains still swing through often enough so you don’t typically have to struggle quite as much with your garden maintenance workload.

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Why Grow A Vegetable Garden? 

There are many reasons I feel strongly compelled to grow a vegetable garden here on the Homestead:

Fresh garden produce in a wicker basket. #TexasHomesteader

More control of my food

Healthier food

Less expensive grocery budget

And let’s be honest, I love being in this beautiful & productive space.

Texas vegetable garden in May - raised beds, greenhouse underlayment paths, green vegetable plants growing. #TexasHomesteader

I’ve included information below if you’re looking to buy some of the same garden goodies I’m growing, as well as additional posts about each thing I’m growing too. So click the links if you’re looking for more information!

What am I growing these days? Check it out.

Sentimental Tomato Plants

(You can *Buy Heirloom Amish Paste Tomato Seeds Here)

Several years ago my parents had a mysterious tomato plant sprout from the dirt excavated from beneath their house by contractors. It must have been lying dormant for decades! We identified it as an Amish Paste Tomato.

Mom saved one of the tomatoes for me so I could harvest the seeds and get this heirloom tomato to grow. I was never successful.

But we lost mom last year and it was now more important than ever for me to grow those sentimental tomatoes.

I finally successfully sprouted them in a Milk-Jug Greenhouse this year. When the danger of frost was passed I tenderly transplanted the tomato seedlings into my garden. How To Plant A Tomato Seedling. #TexasHomesteader

They’re thriving! And now they’re blooming and even have a few tiny tomatoes forming. I can’t wait to harvest that first tomato. (Thanks mom…)

Garden Fresh Pico de Gallo uses fresh chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapenos, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice. #TexasHomesteader

Green Bean Planting Rotation

(You can *Buy Contender Bush Green Bean Seeds Here)

Green beans are the garden veggie that RancherMan & I enjoy most often. So I loaded up my favorite raised bed and planted green beans in the whole thing! 

Raised bed online purchase coupon code.

Note: I LOVE THIS RAISED BED! It’s the favorite in my Homestead garden. And the fine folks at Hopkins Homestead Store have agreed to give our readers a discount. Just enter TXH5off at checkout HERE!

I staggered my plantings of green beans by planting another row two weeks after planting the first ones.

This way when the first plants slow down their production I’ll be able to harvest from the newer plants which by then will be in full production. 

Green beans from the garden. #TexasHomesteader

Luffa (or Loofah) Gourd

(You can *Buy Luffa Seeds Here)

I love planting luffa every year. There are several benefits in growing luffa. 

Luffa is a vigorously-growing vine that supplies many luffa. #TexasHomesteader

Plastic-Free scrub sponge

Use in Homemade Luffa Soap

You can actually Eat Young Luffa like zucchini

I grow the vigorously-growing vine along the dividing fence to the chicken yard to offer west-side shade to our laying hens and food for our honeybees.

Melt and pour soap into a slice of luffa (loofah) as homemade gift. #TexasHomesteader

Pickler Cucumbers

(You can *Buy Pickler Cucumber Seeds Here)

I’ll be making homemade dill pickles using these pickler cucumbers and the dill I’m growing in the herb section.

Fresh garden cucumbers with dark green skin and small bumps are perfect for pickling. #TexasHomesteader

Cantaloupe As Living Mulch

(You can *Buy Cantaloupe Seeds Here)

I planted cantaloupe to use as living mulch in the garden. There are many benefits to living mulch:

Covers the soil to keep it cooler

Conserves moisture for other garden plants

Gives you FOOD!

Sweet cantaloupe bread with praline topping made with fresh garden cantaloupe. #TexasHomesteader


(You can *Buy Clemson Spineless Okra Seeds Here)

I planted only 4 okra plants because y’all know how prolific okra is! They will produce lots for us with only these four plants.

I’m hoping to use the dill I planted to make pickled okra this year. 

Fresh okra chopped, breaded and lightly fried for okra fritters. #TexasHomesteader

Garden Pepper Varieties I’m Growing

I’ve planted several of our favorite peppers.  RancherMan loves a medley of Roasted Veggies as a delightful yet healthy side dish.  So I made sure to plant plenty of various varieties. 


Red bell

Jumbo jalapeno


Taco stuffed red bell peppers on white square plate, cilantro garnish, garlic, jalapeno and tomato. #TexasHomesteader

Squash In My Texas Garden

No southern garden would be complete without squash. But they’re so prolific I only planted one or two of each of our favorite squash:

Yellow Squash


It should provide plenty for RancherMan & me with lots to share as well. 

NOTE: I don’t like to freeze squash so hit me with your favorite healthy squash recipes!

Zoodles are low carb noodle substitute made from zucchini. #TexasHomesteader

Regular and Elephant Garlic

(You can *Buy Garlic Plants Here)

Each October I plant cloves from the largest bulb of garlic harvested and then harvest the new crop around June the following year.

I always save the best & largest cloves for replanting.

Fresh garlic bulbs from garden curing. #TexasHomesteader

Egyptian Walking Onions

(You can *Buy Egyptian Walking Onions Here)

In true lazy gardener fashion I still have a whole bed of Egyptian Walking onions. Yet I haven’t planted onions in years!

They are now blooming and forming tiny bulbils in their blooms. 

Egyptian Walking Onions reproduce by forming bulbules on their bloom stems which weigh down to the soil and sprout new plants. #TexasHomesteader

These bulbils will weigh down the bloom until it touches the soil not far from the mother plant.

There they will take root and make a new onion plant (Thus the name ‘Walking Onions’.) 

Fresh Herbs Growing In My Homestead Garden

My herbs are all doing well in my edible landscape – I have many different herbs growing:

Basil (a great tomato companion plant)

Oregano – Helloooo Italian food!

Thyme – My favorite herb.

Rosemary – Evergreen, easy growing and honeybees love it.

Sage – Beautiful purple blooms good for edible landscape.

Cilantro – Volunteer plants every year, loved by bees & also gives me coriander.

Stevia – Growing my own sugar-free sweetener!

Dill – My first year growing it.

Parsley – I’ll dry and use throughout the year

Chives – Love the purple blooms and so do the bees!

Garlic Chives – Another first this year.

Chocolate Mint – Chocolate? Mint? What’s not to love?

Spearmint – My survive-bad-placement plant in the landscape.

My herb-drying setup using no additional energy to dry fresh herbs. #TexasHomesteader

Everbearing Strawberries

(you can *Buy EverBearing Strawberries Here)

In a large galvanized trough I’ve planted EverBearing strawberries.

Ever-Bearing Strawberries. May is typically a great month for the garden. C'mon and walk with me through the veggie garden & let's see what's growing on these days. #TexasHomesteader

They multiply by baby plants spreading from the mama plant. Now they’re putting on sweet red strawberries for me.

I’m implementing tricks to keep the birds away from them and it’s working great.

Paint small rocks to look like strawberries and place them in your strawberry patch to deter the birds. #TexasHomesteader

Thornless Blackberries

(you can *Buy Thornless Blackberries Here)

This is another first this year – I’m growing thornless blackberries. The berries are already beginning to turn and I can’t wait to harvest them.

Blackberries or dewberries fresh off the vine. #TexasHomesteader

Concord Grapes

(you can *Buy Concord Grape Plants Here)

I have a very prolific Concord grapevine that surpasses my expectations every year.

It’s already covered with tiny grapes. As always it’ll be a great harvest this year.

Bunch of Concord grapes, some ripe, some not. #TexasHomesteader


(you can *Buy Asparagus Crowns Here)

In true Lazy-Gardener’s style I harvest asparagus every year. (although it’s now becoming sparse for the rest of the season.)

We’ve enjoyed it all spring so far and I’ve preserved some too.

Fresh asparagus spears from a Texas garden. #TexasHomesteader

Grow A Garden, Grow Your Food!

Growing a garden is the ultimate local food movement, fresh food is no further than a stroll to your garden. 

Working in the garden with harvest basket, hat and gloves.

Your organic produce is picked at the peak of ripeness and full of nutrition, not to mention less expensive than a run to the store for produce that’s been shipped from who-knows-where. 

How’s your garden doing these days?


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