Homestead Hack: Quickest Planned Leftover Meal Of All!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

By now many of you know I’ve been on a Planned Leftovers kick.

What’s planned leftovers? It’s where you purposely cook more of a key ingredient with the intent of using it to make completely different meals later.

For instance, recently I cooked a huge pork roast. HUGE! I turned the leftover meat into Carnitas Tacos, a quick Meaty Stew, some delicious Pulled Pork Enchiladas and more!

But today I’m sharing one of the most basic planned leftovers remake. As a matter of fact, this is one of our very first go-to leftovers meals because it’s so easy yet so delicious.

Check out this planned leftover homestead hack.

I love Planned Leftovers, especially this BBQ because it's so quick, so easy yet so delicious. Check out this homestead hack. #TexasHomesteader

Fastest Planned Leftover Of All!

Now hold on to your hats folks, this is gonna go fast!

I take some of my leftover roast and shred it quickly with my KitchenAid. Then I pour homemade BBQ sauce over it and ladle the flavorful meat onto hamburger buns.

I add sides of some Ranch-Style Beans and some thick, freshly-baked home fries to round everything out. And of course I’m going to add a few slices of spicy jalapenos!

I love Planned Leftovers, especially this BBQ because it's so quick, so easy yet so delicious. Check out this homestead hack. #TexasHomesteader

In a flash: Meal.  DONE!

I really prefer using hotdog buns for our BBQ sandwiches since they’re so much easier to eat that way. But RancherMan requested sesame seed buns this time so that’s what we did.

If I had more time I could make some homemade Jalapeno Cheese Beer Buns. Those are delicious with BBQ as well so I like to make them often.

What’s your favorite planned leftover meal plan?


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14 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Quickest Planned Leftover Meal Of All!

  1. Lauren @ Hillsborough Homesteading

    Lol! That’s too funny! I literally just did this last night! I had to make the buns from scratch, and since we didnt’ have fries, we added hashbrowns to the burgers! Thanks for sharing with the Homestead Blog Hop! Hope to see you again next week!

  2. Debbie @ Bible Fun For Kids

    I love to use leftover roast beef like this! Those French fries also look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      It was certainly a ‘Use Whatcha Got’ moment for me Debbie, since those potatoes needed to be used before they started sprouting. ~TxH~

  3. Sondra Langle

    This is my favorite “use what ya got”. This is my 50 cent meal for two. I buy a pound of split peas and split it in half. I save the second half for later. There are only two of us so half a pound is just right. I cook the peas as directed on the package. I add left over ham that I cut up and save when we have ham. I throw in an onion(which I already had) a couple of carrots (which I already had) and a potato or two (which I already had) and finish cooking the soup. Then I go to my freezer and drag out some leftover french bread which I had cubed before freezing. I add olive oil to my iron skillet, saute a couple of cloves of garlic. Then I add the defrosted bread, making sure that each cub is covered with the oil. Then I pop them in a hot oven for 5-6 minutes until they are crispy. Serve up the soup with croutons on top. The split peas cost .99 and I only used half….my 50 Cent meal using leftovers from my freezer

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      $0.50?? Now THAT’S a great ‘Use Whatcha Got’ accomplishment, Sondra. Great job!! ~TxH~

  4. Cynthia D

    I liked to hear what everyone does with leftovers. When I bake a chicken I am always planning what do to with the chicken after the first meal. I often make chicken salad with chicken, apple, celery, raisins mixed with dressing on top of lettuce, salad fixing my vary depending what is in the refrigerator. Also like to make stir fry or chicken and rice soup with leftovers. I have made stir fry pork meal with leftover pork. Of course when it is a whole baked chicken will make broth from the bones. When I cook a beef roast any leftovers are lunch the next day. Beef doesn’t last long at our house.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      A woman after mine own heart, Cynthia. It’s such a budget saver to use all of the food you cook (including the broth!) We’ve found we can eat well for pennies if we enjoy all the food we’ve bought. ~TxH~

  5. Patty

    I always make extra mashed potatoes so I can make Shepard’s Pie a day or two later. I made sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes on a sheet pan. I took the leftovers – the potatoes were used for something else – and I put them in my food processor and made a ragu sauce with canned tomatoes and we had baked ziti the next night. I HATE to waste food. Of course we also have two pit bulls who eat a lot of our leftovers so nothing goes to waste.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I haven’t made a shepherd’s pie in years Patty. I really, REALLY need to do that soon! ~TxH~

  6. Pam Kaufman

    Looks yummy! We have been working hard at not letting food go to waste around here. I have to be honest and say we are not always good at this but we are getting better. Thanks for your posts. Your ideas are helpful.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Us too Pam, it’s a constant thing for me. I’m usually pretty successful because RancherMan has no problem with leftovers, sometimes even served exactly the same as before. His statement has been “If it was delicious last night, it’ll still be delicious tonight!” That flexibility has really helped with our food waste on those days when we’re both running from sunup to sundown. ~TxH~

  7. ColleenB.~Texas

    Looks really good.
    I had left over chicken so I ended up making some enchiladas just for something different being I never made them before. I just had that urge and hungry to try something new. I must say, they turned out pretty darn good. Even made my own enchilada sauce only because I never have in my pantry, plus making own is much cheaper

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      The last time we had enchiladas I had to wing my own sauce too Colleen. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was, although it wasn’t an enchilada sauce recipe I used. I just thickened up the excess juice from my homemade Ranch-Style Beans. ~TxH~


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