Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader ~

TGIF y’all, spring is finally on its way!  RancherMan & I love all the green popping up in the pastures & I’ve shared some gorgeous pictures of the wild plum trees blooming.  Plus our bees are emerging from winter stronger than ever.  Heck we’ve even completed our very first Walk-Away Hive Split!  I can’t wait for that first honey harvest in July.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, ya know?  To celebrate I’ll share a Throwback Thursday post with ya.  That’s where I fall back into the archives and bring back to the surface a post that’s proved very popular with our readers.  Today’s share is one of RancherMan’s faves – homemade  bread.  But not just any homemade bread.  I’ve amended my recipe to include oat flour from oatmeal I’d ground into flour.  OMGosh y’all.   So.  Good!  Check it out!


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