Preserving The Bounty: Freezing Fresh Eggs

by Texas Homesteader~ 
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Most people know that chickens slow down their egg production in the winter months. So I’m trying to preserve the more-than-we-can-use quantity of eggs I’m blessed with now for those leaner times. 

I’ve written before about preserving the eggs from our pastured flock by making a large batch of breakfast burritos and freezing them. They make a quick grab-n-eat meal before church so your stomach isn’t rumbling so loudly the sermon can’t be heard!

But you can only eat so many breakfast burritos. So I began looking for other ways to preserve those precious eggs so that none would go to waste.

Although you can't freeze fresh eggs in the shell, there is an easy way to preserve eggs for future use by freezing. #TexasHomesteader

I know you can’t freeze eggs in their shell. But I found that they freeze very well out of the shell.  Here’s what I did:

I took out a single egg, cracked it into a bowl and mixed it up with a fork. Then I poured that single egg into a silicone muffin baking pan. I didn’t add anything additional – no milk, no seasoning. Just egg.

Planning To Easily Remove Frozen Eggs

I repeated the procedure six times to fill up the muffin pan. Then I placed my pan on a small baking sheet to support it and set it in the freezer to allow it to freeze overnight. 

The next morning I brought out the muffin pan and popped the frozen egg disks out of the pan.

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The large size of the muffin cups makes for a nice thin disk that will thaw quickly when needed. And the flexibility of the silicone pan helps make popping out the frozen disks an easy thing to do. 

I found these *muffin pans on Amazon. They were cheap and they’re SO HANDY!

1 egg per frozen disk. Although you can't freeze fresh eggs in the shell, there is an easy way to preserve eggs for future use by freezing. #TexasHomesteaderLabeling Frozen Contents

Once they were all popped out of the muffin pan I froze them in a repurposed bread bag. And that bag was further enclosed in a sturdy freezer bag.

Now you all know that when things hit the freezer it’s often impossible to tell that frozen chunk of food is.This is where my double-bag freezing system shines. 

Not only does it doubly-protect against freezer burn but the area between the two bags gives me a space to slip in a piece of paper documenting what’s enclosed. The paper indicates that each disk is 1 egg.

But ya know, I do this for everything that hits my freezer, and yes I think I’m clever – LOL!

Using My Previously-Frozen Eggs

When I need to cook with them I know each disk is one egg. I simply bring out the number of eggs I need for my recipe, pop them into a bowl and allow them to thaw in the fridge overnight.  It’s preferable to be able to plan ahead for them to thaw in the fridge but if I need it quicker I can pull out the number of eggs I need and place them in a bowl set on the counter for a short amount of time to allow them to thaw.

Since these eggs were frozen VERY fresh, a short time to thaw on the counter shouldn’t be a problem. But of course you don’t want to leave them out too long – food safety is important! 

The thin disk size frozen from my large muffin pan thaws pretty quickly so I’ve never had a problem. But a thicker chunk of frozen egg would take longer to thaw. So please use caution & plan ahead.

So there ya go – if you find yourself with more eggs than you can eat fresh or there’s an amazing sale on eggs that you just can’t pass up – save a few bucks by preserving them for later!


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23 thoughts on “Preserving The Bounty: Freezing Fresh Eggs

  1. Michelle

    I saw your post on the blog hop, so I had to hop over and read it. We got a whole bunch of new chickens in the Spring and they’ve all started laying, so the eggs are accumulating very quickly. I think I have eight dozen in my fridge! So I’m starting to look for ways to preserve them. I love your idea, so I’m going to give it a try!

  2. Charlotte Burkholder

    Thanks for the tip. This is our first year raising our own chickens. I think I may have co-workers to take my surplus though! Thanks for sharing on Family Joy Blog Link-up. Please come back and join us again! Remember to leave your host a comment to increase the chance of being featured.

  3. Helen at the Lazy Gastronome

    I didn’t know you could freeze raw eggs. Thanks for sharing on the What’s for Dinner link up and don’t forget to leave a comment at the party – Next week’s features that also leave a comment get pinned, yummed and tweeted!

  4. Katy SkipTheBag

    Our chickens’ egg production is starting to slow down, but this will come in handy next spring! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop!

  5. Michelle

    Super cool idea!
    I’m not lucky enough to have fresh chicken eggs at my disposal but, Costco has some amazing bulk egg deals. I love this idea!

  6. Kathryn

    I tried this once, but just left the eggs in the pan so they dried out a bit. I’ll have to try double bagging!

  7. Tiffany

    Love this idea! We waste a few eggs each month, because we don’t end up using them all, and I feel terrible about it. But no more! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday Link Party. Hope to see you again on Sunday!

  8. Beverly

    What a great way to keep those extra eggs. I am telling my son about this since he always has more eggs than he knows what to do with.

  9. Rebecca McCombs

    If you have fertile eggs that you know what breed they are, advertise on Craigs List for hatching eggs. It’s free and who knows what will happen? We had a local college call and get 60 eggs for hatching in one of their farm classes. That was really neat!

  10. Rebecca McCombs

    I’m featuring you on my blog with a link to this page. An FYI for my readers. You did this so well that I didn’t see any reason to reproduce it. Thank you for the lovely pictures and great idea of using silicone instead of regular muffin tins!

  11. Kathe

    OMG! With just the two of us I never can take advantage of sales on eggs but now, thanks to you, I can!!! Thank you for sharing this at the party this week! I am featuring it on my Facebook page and have pinned it to the You’re Gonna Love It board on Pinterest 🙂

  12. lee Traister

    I am so happy I read this! We are just about to get our hens (next week, yay!!!) and even though I like sharing I would prefer keeping our eggs for when we need them. Thanks!

  13. Texas Homesteader Post author

    Oh yeah Alison! Make sure you have the silicone muffin pan, the frozen eggs won’t come easily out of something rigid (ask me how I know!) but with these flexible muffin pans you can peel them out easily. If you don’t already have one there’s a link to one on Amazon in this post – they’re inexpensive and well worth the avoidance of frustration of trying to pry a frozen egg brick out of a rigid container! LOL ~Txh~

  14. Linda @ A La Carte

    This is such a great post and wonderful info. I have friends with chickens and sometimes they have too many eggs for them to eat while fresh. Thanks for sharing this with us at TTF!

  15. Sandra

    What a great Idea! I am always looking for ways to save money on sales and keep extra ingredients on hand. Thanks for posting on The Four Seasons Blog Hop. Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You!

  16. Judith

    Good idea. My mom would freeze yolks when she only needed whites and vice versa, but never the whole egg. Have you thawed and used them yet? How’d they work out? I would think they’d be fine for cakes and such.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Judith – fine for cakes & such and absolutely great for scrambled eggs, strata & other egg-based dishes! ~TxH~

  17. Candy C.

    What a good idea using the silicone muffin pan! 🙂

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Thanks Candy – it worked out great after a few attempts at other methods that DIDN’T turn out so great. I tried splitting the eggs into ice cube trays – fail, they wouldn’t come out. I tried spraying the ice cube trays with olive oil first – fail, made very little difference. The silicone muffin pan works beautifully because this is the size to make the large muffins. Plus the disks are thinner and thaw quickly when needed. SCORE! ~TxH~

      1. Candy C.

        I have always wondered about the ice cube trays, thanks for letting us know!


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