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 Recently I was in the kitchen with our daughter whipping up a brand new concoction that we’d never heard of before. We were just making up the recipe on the fly, but our dish needed breadcrumbs. Thankfully they’re super easy to make and today I already had a jump start on them.

You see I often use a shortcut when making pizza and slice up thick rounds from bread to use as our pizza crust. As luck would have it I had a round loaf of bread that I had sliced up into thick pizza crusts for our homemade pizza the night before, but the rounded top didn’t make the cut (LOL – see what I did there??)

So I had chopped it up & sat it aside to begin drying. But now I’ll use that bread to whip up some homemade breadcrumbs in a flash.

Making your own breadcrumbs is not only an inexpensive alternative to store bought, but super quick & easy too. See how. #TexasHomesteaderPhoto Credit:  Ashley

Making your own breadcrumbs is not only an inexpensive alternative to store bought, but super quick & easy too. Now you don’t need the top of a round loaf of bread – you can use any extra or stale bread to make breadcrumbs.

For instance although the ‘heel’ of a loaf of bread is my favorite piece, many people don’t like that slice and it ends up being wasted. Don’t waste it – that previously wasted piece of bread makes great breadcrumbs! Here’s how…

Leftover Bread To The Rescue

I pulled out the extra bread leftover from the night before. It was already sliced thinly and partially dry. 

Truth be known, I most often air dry the bread scraps I’ll be making breadcrumbs from. But since they were not completely air dried for our dish today, here’s how I sped the process a bit:

Since it wasn’t a large quantity I just placed the pieces on my cast iron comal and placed it in the oven. You can use a cookie sheet or even a casserole dish – anything that will allow you to spread your pieces of bread out on the surface without touching each other.

I turned the oven on for about 1 minute to allow it heat up and then I turned it off again. That would be enough heat to thoroughly dry these pieces of bread. Making sure your bread is completely dry not only helps assure a nice crusty breadcrumb texture, but it also helps keep them from molding in storage.

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Grinding Dried Bread To Breadrumbs

When the oven cooled I pulled the dried bread out and placed it in a *coffee grinder that I keep for just this purpose.

(Wanna know a secret?  I actually have three coffee grinders. One strictly for coffee beans, one for dry herbs and this one for breadcrumbs. I think these grinders are so versatile! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone my secret…)

Making your own breadcrumbs is not only an inexpensive alternative to store bought, but super quick & easy too. See how. #TexasHomesteader

With a few quick pulses – bibbidy bobbidy boo! The dried bread was magically transformed to my very own homemade bread crumbs for just the cost of a little unused bread!

I especially love that I’ve once again easily reduced food waste in my kitchen – simply by turning food that wasn’t used into a food item that is often typically purchased.

Score one for the grocery budget and also one for being environmentally friendly. BOOYAH!

Making your own breadcrumbs is not only an inexpensive alternative to store bought, but super quick & easy too. See how. #TexasHomesteader

To Flavor, Or Not To Flavor…

Now if you like, you can flavor your breadcrumbs by tossing in dried herbs along with your dried bread cubes. Maybe some rosemary or thyme, whatever flavor you like!

I typically leave my breadcrumbs unflavored so I can use them in a wide variety of dishes. It’s a required ingredient in RancherMan’s favorite Potato Cakes or fish croquettes. And these homemade breadcrumbs are also often sprinkled on the top of various casseroles.

So I typically have unflavored breadcrumbs stored in a glass canning jar in the pantry just waiting to be used.

Give it a try!


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9 thoughts on “Quick & Easy – MYO Breadcrumbs

  1. Linda

    I just made bread crumbs last night. I never thought about the grinder. I used my mini chopper and did the leftover rolls in batches. I love to have a bag of these in the freezer because I never remember to pick them up at the market. Thanks for dropping by What’d You Do This Weekend.

    Wishes for tásty dishes,

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Let me tell ya Linda, that coffee grinder makes quick work out of those dried bread pieces! And it comes in handy if you’re wanting to season your breadcrumbs too since you can toss some dried herbs in at the same time & BOOM! They’re all blended together & ready to go! ~TxH~

  2. Terri Presser

    Home made bread crumbs are great and so easy. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  3. Shelle @ PreparednessMama

    I think this is such a good idea but I never do it, I guess it’s always about timing. Thanks for the quick tip to put small batches in the oven. I think even I can manage that! Thanks for stopping by Front Porch Friday, I’m featuring your post this week.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I know what ya mean about teen boys’ bottomless pits Melissa. LOL. My handsome RancherMan loves his bread too so there’s only infrequently any heels/ends/leftover bread for me too. But when I get my hands on some that would otherwise be wasted I’m always sure to get it made into breadcrumbs. ~TxH~


    home-made bread crumbs are so much better than the shop bought ones! Good on you for DIYing! ps – popping over from the what’s on the list link up party.

  5. ColleenB.

    One nice thing about making own bread crumbs…very easy to do. I use French bread a lot of times when I make mine but pulse mine in the blender…no coffee grinder here but I bet a grinder would work good for something like that.
    Had a little shaking going on here around 6pm yesterday. We had a 4.0 earthquake of which knocked things off the wall and shelves. This was the 2nd strongest one we have had here in Johnson County. The other one we had was a 3. 5 I think.(was a 3. something) The one last night tho was a real shaker.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Wow Colleen! I’ve still never experienced an earthquake, I can’t imagine what that must feel like. ~TxH~


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