New Streaks Of Platinum Blonde? I Earned EVERY ONE!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Recently I attended my mother’s birthday celebration – a gathering of family & friends. We all met at a local bistro and many tables were pushed together to make room for all the guests in attendance. Of course there were family members there, but helping to celebrate were many super-fun friends as well. Most older than me but beloved like family.

As RancherMan & I arrived we greeted these wonderful people, sharing hugs all the way around the table. As we all settled into in our seats talking, sharing and laughter were the sounds that filled the cool spring air.

Just then one of the older ladies who uses a walker was passing slowly & gingerly behind me when she stroked the back of my hair and said “Dahlin’, I do believe you’re getting a little whiter back here…” To which I replied without skipping a beat “Hey, I’m PROUD of those new platinum-blonde streaks – I earned EVERY ONE of them!”

What does growing older and gray hair say about my life. Why would I want to change it? I've found happiness in life. #TexasHomesteader

Genetics Play A Part

My genetics say that I get that stray bright silvery strand of hair early, I found my first one when I was only 16. But they typically come in very slowly and I gray probably slower than most women.

But as I approached my 50’s I found there were a few more strands evident in my hair. As I studied them in the mirror I wondered what my reaction should be.

How Do I Treat My Gray Hair Now?

Should I follow along with social convention and eliminate the evidence of the number of years I’ve enjoyed? As a woman, shouldn’t I be repulsed by the very sight of them and run to the drug store right then & there to rectify the problem?

Don’t I want to look YOUNGER than my years???

What My Gray Hair Means To Me

But I saw something different in those pretty silvery strands. To me they were representative of a life well lived. Of holding babies, raising children and loving grandchildren.

Those silver strands proved that I had done the time and walked the walk to gain the wisdom that often comes only with traveling down the path of life’s lessons.

I saw the gentle smile of my wise grandmother, silver very young in years as well. No, those shiny silver strands didn’t bother me a bit.

Then a few years ago I endured a very stressful time in my life with a breast cancer diagnosis.  Now those pretty silver grays didn’t just slowly highlight my auburn hair anymore – they were coming in like gangbusters!

They say stress will turn your hair gray and let me tell you I think there’s something to that! Large swaths of grays now covered my natural auburn color in many places.

Seeing Something Different

Having gone through my diagnosis, treatments and recovery, I now take a glance in the mirror and see maybe a little something more.

Oh I still see those years of life well lived, but now I also see the recent struggle and ultimate victory. I see tears and faith and hope and struggle and love.

Time will tell if I’ll make that run to the drug store to pick up hair color. Like anyone else, if I get to disliking what I see in the mirror I’ll fix it – life’s just too short!

But for now, I think I’ll keep my shiny ‘Platinum Blondes’. I’ve earned every one & I’ve come a long way, baby!


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37 thoughts on “New Streaks Of Platinum Blonde? I Earned EVERY ONE!

  1. Greg Hill

    I like you the way you are ….
    I haven’t seen many pictures of your exterior in this blog Tammy, which is fine with me. Because I see your inside through your words and feeling you share with others. Beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder , mostly as I’m sure you know it’s inside, and what Is see there is a beautiful person if you color your hair or not. I like you for just being you.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      OMGosh Greg!! What an incredibly sweet comment. You’re absolutely right, beauty is not surface, but dictated by every part of your being. And personally I think that’s the most important thing of all!! ~TxH~

  2. Elaine

    I have definitely earned mine too! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite things on Thursday!! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! Pinned!

  3. Janet Vinyard

    Hi Tammy, Enjoyed this post! There was something very liberating to let my hair go gray, after coloring it since I was 16! I wish I had all the $$ I spent on hair color over the years! Thanks for sharing your story! Blessings, Janet

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Yes indeed Janet. I’ll color it if I ever get really unhappy with what I see in the mirror, but even though they’re coming in faster and faster these days, they still make me smile… ~TxH~

  4. Mrs. Sarah Coller

    I love this! I’m 36 and have been covering up my silveries for a couple years now. Just a couple days ago I told my husband that I think I’m content to leave them alone. Like you, I’m not saying I’ll NEVER color again…but I’m content for now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bonnie V

    This is heartwarming to read. I’m a few years younger, but my silver highlights are becoming much more pronounced recently. It has been a rather stressful summer, so I wonder if that could be partly to blame. But for now, I’m making the decision to go gray gracefully. I love the look of older ladies at my church with long silver hair, so I’m embracing the gray. Embracing the fact that my years are a little higher than I care to admit is another matter. 😉

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      You know Bonnie, I know there are some wonderful things about being in your 20’s – silky hair and smooth skin being way up on the list. But typically not the wisdom that only years of actual life experience can bring. I shake my head and wish I knew then what I know now. I’m proud of the years I’ve lived, the life-wisdom I’ve gained – I’m not ashamed of my age. I think that’s key to being comfortable in your own skin. ~TxH~

  6. Jendi

    Mine is also genetic to start early, but not 16. Mine started around 25 and when a bit more came in I spent a lot of time and money trying to hide them. This year I finally had enough. I’m done hiding them.
    So I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      There comes a time when you just have to be happy in your own skin, huh Jendi? I loved my grandmother’s silvery strands so I guess that plays into my decision not to hide them as well. ~TxH~

  7. crochetistheway

    I used to comfort myself with the idea that each streak is a sign of wisdom gained… But then my brother went grey early, and now I don’t know what to think 🙂

    Either way, I’m comfortable with mine!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL. I know now that (at least for me) times of stress bring them on quicker. But I’m not ashamed of my age and don’t feel the need to hide it, so at least for now they stay! ~TxH~

  8. Elaine

    I am ready to stop coloring my hair!! I believe I would have beautiful grey highlights as well!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party!! Hope to see you tomorrow !! Love your stuff! Pinned!

  9. Therese Bizabishaka

    It’s so weird to see those first few strands of grey coming though. I’m in my early forties and have been getting a few greys coming in over the past couple of years. My hair is fine and light in colour and for the most part they blend in but recently I’ve noticed the ones near my forehead are sticking out a bit. For the most part I’m with you about greying naturally. I did dye my hair a while back from the urging of my teenage daughter, but it was only a semi and didn’t cover up successfully. And to be honest it’s too time consuming and costly to be doing it all the time. For me I think I’ll struggle with the in between stage when I’m not completely grey but it’s more noticeable. It’s sad that these days woman do not see many in the public domain aging gracefully. Rather 70 year olds are having plastic surgery and proceedures, dressing like a teenager and have not one grey in sight. Younger people may end up not knowing what an older woman looks like without artificial enhancement and that it can be a beautiful and lovely thing.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Yes Therese I agree with your fear about younger people not knowing what an older woman looks like without artificial enhancement. And I also agree that natural maturity can be a beautiful & lovely thing. I don’t fault any woman that wants to change her hair color because it’s what SHE wants, but oftentimes I think it’s more based on the perception of others instead… ~TxH~

  10. Erlene

    I have tons of gray and while I still color them, I don’t mind letting them grow out a bit longer between coloring 🙂 It’s a slow process, but I’m slowly becoming okay with my gray.

  11. Gentle Joy

    I appreciate your focus…. it is sad that youth is worshiped while age is despised… God’s Word says differently…. and he says that the gray head is a good thing… IF it be in the way of wisdom. 🙂

  12. Sarah Fuller

    What a wonderful post. I am starting to see more and more of those silver streaks myself and had not thought of having earned them. Thanks so much for that needed perspective.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      …and that’s all it is Sarah – perspective. If a person wants to color their hair (or cut, or style) that’s their own prerogative. But shouldn’t it be because it’s what THEY want and not some perceived desire from others?? I think eeling good in your own skin is something we could all use… ~TxH~

  13. ColleenB.

    I have had snow on the roof top for several years now and darn proud of them cause as I worked hard to earn every single grey hair on my head.
    I started to turn grey when I was 21; colored my hair once, realized it was too much of a pain so haven’t colored it since. I’m Embracing my hair color and aging gracefully

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      It is a pain Colleen – although I’ve never colored my hair, I’ve done hilights and it’s not fun… Plus, I’m baffled by the need to hide the years lived in exchange for the appearance of youth. I’ll admit youth has some pretty cool things about it, but knowledge & wisdom comes only with age. Why would you want to hide THAT?? ~TxH~

  14. CassieOz

    I am soooo glad you’re written this because that’s what I’ve been saying about my grey for a long time. I’d lift a handful and tell everyone that they were earned, every one. I’m past the half way mark in my 50s now and have been trying to explain that I don’t want to look younger. I don’t buy in to the media fueled cult of youth at all. In traditional societies they celebrated all three ages of a woman; the maid, the mother and the crone. Well, bring on the crone! I’m through my chemo and radiotherapy and have a fine cap of VERY grey/white hair at present but I’m looking forward to a full head of steely curls!

  15. John W

    I agree with all of you. I was very inheirent for me. However, I thank God that I still have enough that I do not have to have a “combover”. I have bros that lost much or most of theirs…

  16. Cynthia F

    Good for you! When I was younger I dyed, bleached, cut my hair, you name it I tried it. Nowadays I’m going for clean and healthy hair. Yeah, I’ve gotten the comments I should do something about the gray hair. My reply, I earned every gray hair I have and I love ’em all! Call me radical, I’m over 50 and heading for 60!

  17. Cecilia

    Yay for you! I colored my hair for years, then when I hit 52 I decided to stop. A year later and yes, I have bright streaks here and there but I’m really fine with it. I’ve earned every one and I’m proud of what they represent. Go you!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL – I agree Cecilia! Women should only color their hair if they WANT to, not because they feel compelled for any other reason. I wear my hair color proudly! 🙂 ~TxH~


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