How A Bidet Can Be An Eco Win

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I’d wanted to get a bidet (pronounced bid-day) for a long time. It can replace toilet tissue, and cleans with a gentle stream of water instead.

Plus I’ve heard folks singing the praises of the cleanliness difference between using toilet paper vs. a bidet. So I asked RancherMan to research and find the best model for us.

We decided on a model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there’s an issue with some toilet seats you’ll need to be aware of. (No worries, it’s a simple fix.)

I've wanted a bidet for years. We decided on a model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there's an issue with some toilet seats #TexasHomesteader


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Advantages of A Bidet

Out here we’re on a septic system. So keeping toilet paper out of the system just keeps it healthier.

Plus, less paper in the septic means we can go longer between times that the septic tank must be pumped out. So it can be a cost savings too.

We went disposable paper-towel, paper napkin & paper plate free over a decade ago. Disposables in any of their forms are always shunned here.

So a bidet will be an eco win for us as well.

Our Bidet Choice

Now when we’re researching a purchase, there are many things we look at. It’s never just about the cheapest product out there, but often we do search for the best deals too.

Typically RancherMan looks for high customer satisfaction ratings first. We want to make sure we’re buying quality.

Then he’ll narrow it down to the features we want. And then and only then will he hunt for the best price.

He decided on the *Luxe Bidet NEO 185 for our home. I like that it has two separate settings, which was a nice feature.

And the pressure of the spray can be easily adjusted with the control knobs on the side. The knobs were recommended by many users over the levers used by other models.

So the Luxe Neo 185 is the model we decided to purchase.

At the time of our purchase the Luxe bidet was only about $35. Wow, shouldn’t take long to recover the purchase price simply due to the savings of toilet paper purchases!

Installing The Bidet Is Easy!

The bidet was ordered and received quickly. The kit came with not only the bidet, but a flexible water connector, a T-connector, some teflon tape to seal the connections and even appropriately-sized installation tools. Everything you need in this one box.

I've wanted a bidet for years. We decided on a Luxe Neo 185 model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there's an issue with some toilet seats #TexasHomesteader

Basically you’re just changing the one line that reaches the toilet by adding a t-connector & line so water can run to the bidet as well.

Sounds simple enough. So RancherMan set to install our new bidet.

First he had to turn the water off from the wall to the toilet. Then he flushed the toilet to remove the water from the toilet’s tank.

Attaching The Water Source

Now it’s time to hook up the bidet’s water source. RancherMan put a towel on the floor because he knew there would be a tiny bit of water that would drip from the line when he disconnected it.

Next he disconnected the existing water line from the bottom of the toilet’s water tank. The bidet’s T-connector and flexible water line were added to the bottom of the tank and he reconnected the existing incoming water line for the toilet on the other side of the T-connector. Done & done!

So now one water source goes to the toilet (as it always had) while the other water line also sends water to the bidet. Now that the water’s all hooked up it’s time to install the bidet.

The toilet seat was removed & the bidet was set on the porcelain bowl. He lined up the bolt holes &  the toilet seat was placed on top of the bidet mount.

Everything was reattached with the same bolts that once held the toilet seat to the porcelain. Then he connected the water flexible water line to the bidet unit.

Wow, that was easy!

Issue With Toilet Seat Style

Then we stood back to check it out. But wait, what’s this?

The toilet seat no longer rests on the porcelain bowl when it’s closed!

I've wanted a bidet for years. We decided on a model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there's an issue with some toilet seats #TexasHomesteader

Back to the instructions where RancherMan found a small notice in the troubleshooting section that read:

Problem: After installing the bidet, the toilet seat does not rest flat on the toilet bowl.

Possible Causes
1. The toilet seat has outer hinge tabs.
2. There is a curve underneath the toilet seat.

Possible Solutions:
1. If the extra space is 1/2” or less, install *toilet seat bumpers.
2. Find a toilet seat that is flat at the bottom and does not come with outer hinge tabs.

We looked closely at our existing toilet seat and it did have a curve on the underside. Ugh, wish we’d noticed that when we were ordering our bidet!

I've wanted a bidet for years. We decided on a model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there's an issue with some toilet seats #TexasHomesteader

Bumpers To Amend Toilet Seat

Thankfully it’s an easy problem to rectify with adjusting bumpers. These ‘bumpers‘ attach to the underside of your toilet seat to assure it rests firmly & properly on the porcelain bowl.

We considered just buying a new toilet seat vs ordering the bumpers. But our toilet seat was pretty new.

Plus, you know how much I hate buying a new whatsit to replace and throw away a perfectly good whatsit. It’s an environmental decision for me. So we decided on the bumpers. They were cheap!

They were ordered and received quickly, RancherMan installed them in minutes.  You can see the light-gray bumpers in the photo below.

I've wanted a bidet for years. We decided on a model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there's an issue with some toilet seats #TexasHomesteader

The bumpers simply have a strong adhesive to attach them directly to the underside of your toilet seat.

They worked perfectly to rectify the problem. The toilet seat now rests firmly on the porcelain bowl.

So it will be helpful if you inspect your existing toilet seat before you order your bidet. That way you can order the bumpers at the same time if necessary. 

If the underside of your existing toilet seat is flush, you’re probably fine. But if the underside surface is curved (like many toilet seats are these days) then you’ll probably need to either buy a new toilet seat with a flat underside or simply buy the *adjusting bumpers.

Soft Cloth To Blot Water

Using the *bidet means we’re not having to use toilet paper unless we want to. Instead, all that’s needed is soft cloth to blot dry the water from your skin.

A simple bidet installed on your toilet can be an eco-friendly WIN since it cleans with a gentle stream of water. It's inexpensive, installation is simple, and it's toilet-paper free. #TexasHomesteader

I’ve used color-coded squares cut from soft, worn t-shirts. But I settled on a set of inexpensive color-coded washcloths folded neatly in a wire basket sitting on top of the toilet tank.

The cotton material is perfect for this use. And I’m pretty thrilled with our new bidet.


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4 thoughts on “How A Bidet Can Be An Eco Win

  1. KATHY

    I’m not sure I’d like being sprayed with cold water down there. Especially in the winter! We have well water and it’s chilly all year round. I’d need a bidet with warm water!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL – I hear ya Kathy. Although the first experience with the bidet was mildly shocking, I became adjusted to it very quickly. It’s sure worked great for us. ~TxH~

  2. candace ford

    Interesting to read your bidet post. Years ago the husband of a friend of mine remodeled a house from the studs up. Everything was top of the line and cutting edge. They had a bidet but it was a separate item, next to the toilet. An odd shape narrow at the front because it had to be straddled, then bigger around where you hovered and got sprayed. I only tried to use it once – I’m short – it wasn’t exactly geared for my profile, shall we say. There wasn’t anything but the usual toilet paper and I wasn’t sure if it would get flushed down or what so I ended up putting it in the toilet, which was right beside the bidet, thus requiring flushing two bathroom receptacles, not to mention then washing hands and using a towel that was hanging next to the sink (unreachable from the bidet). I was not a convert! Yours sounds like a major improvement!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL Candace! I’m having a hard time picturing this setup you experienced, but I’d say they must have improved greatly since then. They’re easy to install and easy to use. I’d wanted a bidet for a while now, I’m so glad I decided to take the plunge (as it were…) and buy it when I did. The craziness that followed of folks stockpiling toilet paper just cements the fact that it was a timely purchase! 😀 ~TxH~


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