Low-Waste Hydration: Reusable GLASS Water Bottle

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Y’all know I hate plastic. Hate. Yes, HATE. HAAAATE plastic, so I wanted to get rid of the plastic tumbler I’m using to drink water throughout the day. 

I’ve had aluminum water bottles & wasn’t pleased with the experience. I’m assuming maybe stainless steel wouldn’t have the same issues? 

But although I’ve shopped for stainless water vessels, I really, REALLY would prefer to drink from glass.

As a matter of fact the last time I had multiple-day tractor duty mowing pastures I used a canning jar filled with ice water so I could enjoy that icy refreshing water in glass. And I loved it.

But the jar was so big around I was afraid I would drop it. Especially since my grip was ‘iffy’ after hours long maneuvering of the tractor’s steering wheel.

I need a glass water vessel that would be much easier and safer to grip but still holds a lot

I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS reusable water bottle - see what I found. #TexasHomesteader

Now I should mention here that although Eco Vessel supplied the bottle for review at no cost to me, my thoughts and my review of this product are my own honest opinions.

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Environmentally Friendly

Not only do I want to get rid of my plastic tumbler, but I want to remove the need for disposable plastic water bottles. A glass water vessel fits the bill quite nicely for me! 

Plus the environmental side of me loves that *Eco Vessel Surf Glass Water Bottles contain up to 60% recycled glass. 

And almost all of the shipping materials used to ship it to me went into my *tumbling composter, including the cardboard box and all the paper padding. (I was able to repurpose the small piece of bubble wrap, but the plastic bag had to go to the trash).

I’ve also enjoyed iced tea from the bottle during our weekly dinner/class at church. I love that by bringing my own tea to share with RancherMan, we’re not using the styrofoam disposable cups offered for the drinks at our meal.

(Let’s do the math…  2 styrofoam cups per week x 52 weeks per year = 104 styrofoam cups NOT going to the landfill EVERY YEAR for our weekly classes alone!) 

Bottle Features

The bottle comes with a colorful silicone protective sleeve that’s extra padded at the base to help protect against damage when dropped. 

Although I have no intention of testing them to this degree, their website states that it’s been tested to withstand damage even when dropped from a height of 8 feet!

And I love that you can opt for beautiful colors & different screw tops for the water bottle. You can use either a loop top for easy carrying or a flip spout for tilt-free drinking – or both since they’re interchangeable! All components are dishwasher safe although the lids need to be loaded in the top rack.

Eco Vessel sent both tops for me to try. I especially like the flip top option since I often use my water bottles while I’m on the tractor. Fiddling with a screw top with leather-gloved hands and tilting my head back to drink is an unnecessary difficulty with the flip top. 

The bottle stays sealed as long as the flip-top straw is closed and the inner straw allows tilt-free drinking. That’s super helpful for keeping my eyes on my work while on the tractor!

The curved shape of the bottle makes it easy to securely grip the bottle, which helps me safely rehydrate using this water vessel during my chores.

Easy grip. I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS reusable water bottle - see what I found. #TexasHomesteader

Although I prefer “Made in the U.S.A.” for products I buy, the Eco Vessel site states that all their products are manufactured in China. Although I wish it was American made I don’t see this as a deal breaker for me.

The vessel itself is made of up to 60% recycled glass and the straw inside the bottle is made from an FDA approved food-grade silicone. The protective cover is also made of silicone which helps keep a firm grip.

Real Life Experience

Now you know the features, but the real question is how does it work in real life? 

Well I carried this water bottle with me on many different errands, several community commitment work days and to our weekly classes at church.

And I was pleased that it fit snugly in the cup holders in both our small sedan as well as our work truck.

Fits in beverage holders. I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS reusable water bottle - see what I found. #TexasHomesteader

The bottle is a hefty 12 inches tall so it holds lots of water. It is not insulated so it doesn’t keep my water cold for long periods of time. But for my use it seemed to work just fine.

Also because it’s not insulated be aware that it does condensate on the outside. But I have one of these cute no-sew denim coasters next to my chair. So that small amount of condensation never created a problem with too much moisture.

Condensation issue. I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS reusable water bottle - see what I found. #TexasHomesteader

The flip-top straw is convenient but I had to get used to it at first. It’s a different size/shape than a typical straw.

But I find that by keeping this bottle filled with ice water that I drink much more water during the day. This is something I’ve been trying to do more of lately anyway.

The wide mouth made it easy to add ice to my bottle right from the refrigerator door’s ice maker, and then quickly fill with filtered water. 

Easy to fill. I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS reusable water bottle - see what I found. #TexasHomesteader

I am somewhat disappointed that there was not a straw cleaner included with the flip-top straw cap. So I’m planning to buy this *straw-cleaner kit to keep everything clean. I suppose you can just use pipe cleaners for straw cleaning but again, I hate anything disposable. Any thoughts?

So here’s the rundown of benefits vs. disadvantages:


  • Water Vessel Is Reusable – Reduces Or Eliminates Disposable Plastic Water Bottles or Styrofoam Cups Needed For Cold Drinks
  • Curved Shape Makes It Easy To Securely Grip The Bottle
  • Wide Mouth Opening For Easy Filling
  • Large 22-Oz Capacity
  • Two Different Tops Available – Flip Straw Or Loop Handle
  • Flip Straw Allows Quick Access As Well As Tilt-Free Drinking
  • Recycled Content For Bottle – Up To 60% Recycled Glass!
  • Environmentally Friendly Shipping Materials
  • Dishwasher Safe (Lids Should Be Placed In Top Rack)
  • Fits In Both Our Car & Our Ranch Truck Cup Holders


  • Not Made in The USA
  • The Flip Top Straw’s Size and Shape For Drinking Takes Getting Used To
  • Lack Of Bottle Insulation May Make It Difficult To Keep Contents Cold For Longer Periods Of Time
  • Bottle Condensates When Using

All in all, I’m very pleased with this glass water bottle!. I’m enjoying many benefits – drinking more water throughout the day, carrying my own beverages with me when RancherMan & I are running errands instead of stopping to purchase a beverage, and especially not adding disposables to the landfill.

And c’mon, nothing tastes better than when you’re drinking from real glass!  If you’d like one of your own, you can find them at Amazon here –> *Eco Vessel Surf Glass Bottle


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5 thoughts on “Low-Waste Hydration: Reusable GLASS Water Bottle

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I’m a big fan of reusing glass jars too. I use a large Pace Picante jar for making my sun tea, the hourglass shape makes it safe & easy to carry such a large filled jar in & out of the house. I also have my pantry shelves lined with various sized jars holding my dehydrated food – it looks so cool! And I repurpose many large-mouthed jars to hold leftovers in my fridge. I’ve found that if I can see the leftover food, I’m less likely to forget about it and have it spoil before being eaten. Yea Repurposing!!

  1. Sharon

    I use an old “coffee, percolator pot” brush, for cleaning inside straws! It is narrow enough, that it fits inside the straw…

  2. Judith C

    I’m with you there sister! I HATE PLASTIC! I wish Styrofoam could be banned, right along with balloons of all kinds. I like that there are more and more options for glass water bottles out there now days. I’ve had my glass bottle for about 5 years now. I don’t like drinking water so I put a drop of Essential Oil in my water, it makes it easier for me to get my water down. You shouldn’t put EO in a plastic container of any kind.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      DANG Judith – it’s like we’re twins separated at birth! LOL. I too hate balloons of any kind, plastic, Styrofoam, etc. I think the problem is that most people don’t just stop a minute and think about how their daily habits affect things long term. I’m not casting stones here, I used to be in that group too, but more & more I’m aware of the effects my actions have. ~TxH~


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