Environmental Awareness On The Homestead: No-Spill Fuel Can Eliminates Spilled Fuel

by Texas Homesteader ~ 
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I always cringed when RancherMan would fill my tractor with fuel. He’d try his best to be careful not to spill fuel, but it’s neigh impossible when the fuel lid is on the top of the tractor.

I found this fuel can design solves the problem of trying to hurry & get the spout into the fuel tank before spilling fuel. Love, love, LOVE THESE!

Special design fuel can eliminates spilled fuel when adding fuel to top-fueling equipment. #TexasHomesteader

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Tractor Chores

Living and working on a NE Texas ranch means RancherMan & I spend lots of time on our tractors. He has a heavy-duty red beast of a tractor and I have a smaller one that we affectionately call ‘Ole Blue’. She’s very reliable older-model Ford tractor. 

When I became a breast cancer survivor, RancherMan painted the wheels of Ole Blue bright pink in celebration!  (How much do I love him??) 

Hard as he may try, RancherMan would always splash fuel when filling my tractor's tank. Let's try this No-Spill can & see how it works! #TexasHomesteader

Aaaaanyway he often prepares for the day’s tasks by fueling both tractors. As much as I love ‘Ole Blue’ it always made my crunchy-green heart CRINGE when RancherMan would put fuel in her. Almost every time the fuel would spill all along the top, drip down the sides and onto the grass.

Of course I’d never say anything to him. He knows how I hate it and he tries his best to deliver the fuel without spilling but the design of a typical fuel can makes it almost impossible… 

Fuel Can Design

With the design of the typical 5-gallon fuel can it was always hard to get the fuel from the can to my tractor’s fuel tank without splashing corrosive diesel on my tractor and even spilling some onto the pasture grass. 

OOHHHH, my heart! There just had to be a better way!

So I did some research and found a No-Spill fuel can. At once I decided I needed to have this on our homestead ASAP! 

I contacted the No-Spill people and explained my environmental frustration. Oh happy day – they agreed to send a No-Spill can to us for our review.

Now although this can was received at no cost to me to try out & review, please remember that my words will be my own.  I’ll share the real story with y’all, no fluffy obligatory stuff from me, oh no!

Receiving My No-Spill Fuel Can

So they shipped the can to us & after much anticipation it was finally received, I couldn’t wait to try this bad boy out! You can see from the picture below how the design is very different than our old traditional fuel can.

The red one on the left is the fuel can we typically use. The spigot on top is flexible and it’s designed for you to put the spigot into the fuel tank. To dispense fuel you must tip the can once positioned on top of the tractor. 

But since the fuel cap is on the top of the tractor you have to tip such a long way to get the spigot into the tractor’s fuel tank. In our experience there’s always a hearty splash of fuel on top of my tractor that drips down to the grass. (wince!)

But the yellow fuel can on the right is the No-Spill can. Its design is supposed to make it easier to fill tanks that are on top of the equipment such as our tractors. 

Hard as he may try, RancherMan would always splash fuel when filling my tractor's tank. Let's try this No-Spill can & see how it works! #TexasHomesteader

This is accomplished because you can position it first – then and only then do you start dispensing the fuel.

Sure that sounds like a great design but does it really work that way?? Let’s try this bad boy out…

Trying Out The No-Spill Fuel Can

So RancherMan took a quick trip to the gas station, filled the No-Spill fuel can and brought it back to the Homestead. He removed my tractor’s gas cap & hoisted the 5-gallon can to the top of the tractor. 

Then he leaned the gas can over & put the spigot into the tank’s opening. No splashes, no spills. 

Oh man, I can already tell I’m gonna LOVE THIS!

When he got the fuel can into position he simply pressed the button on the fuel can’s spigot and fuel began to flow into my tractor’s tank.

Hard as he may try, RancherMan would always splash fuel when filling my tractor's tank. Let's try this No-Spill can & see how it works! #TexasHomesteader

The spigot has an automatic vent so he had to do nothing further. As long as he was pressing the button on the spigot, fuel would flow. 

When he released the button the fuel stopped flowing (but I’m reading that the spigot design causes the flow to stop automatically when the tank is full.) When he removed the no-spill fuel can there was nary a drop of fuel on my tractor nor on the ground. 

OMGosh why haven’t we had these nifty fuel cans all along??!! Now I know I’m full-on sounding like a star-struck groupie here folks but truly:

I.  Love.  This.  Thing!! 

Special design on no-spill fuel can makes fueling tractors easy and spill free! #TexasHomesteader

Don’t Walk, RUN and Get One NOW!

In reading the specs I see that the can has a self-venting, self-sealing nozzle to dispense fuel smoothly without spilling. Plus it’s said it flows up to 3 gallons per minute! 

It’s made in the good ole U.S.A. & comes with a 3-year warranty too. Dang y’all, I’m just seeing no drawback whatsoever to this No-Spill fuel can! 

If you hate spilled fuel as much as I do don’t wait. Go get this No-Spill fuel can NOW! I found them online at *Amazon here so you can have it shipped right to your door!

Now that I can properly protect Ole Blue’s paint job as well as show environmental responsibility in our pastures, peace & harmony reign once again at our Homestead!


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8 thoughts on “Environmental Awareness On The Homestead: No-Spill Fuel Can Eliminates Spilled Fuel

  1. Alicia Owen

    I need one of these! I’m always bad about spilling when I fill the lawn mower up. :/

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      OMGosh Alicia – I can’t say enough how much we love this thing! Why did it take us so long to find it??!! ~TxH~

  2. jan

    Showing this to my husband, he’ll love it! Thanks for posting at country fair blog party!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      These fuel cans are the ONLY ones we’ll buy from now on, Jan. There are other types of no-spill cans out there but this one is by far the easiest for us to hoist onto the tractor and fuel! ~TxH~

  3. Jamie

    Wow, my husband needs a new one and I’ve never heard of this. Definitely letting him know! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Jamie I kid you not, I’m giddy as a schoolgirl over this one. I’ve endured so many years of fuel splashes on my beloved ‘Ole Blue’ but no more! ~TxH~

  4. Cynthia D

    Wow! This is great! We have this problem with our tractors too. I am going to order one of these and check it out. Thanks!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      OMGosh Cynthia, I swear I’m SO excited about this can. We have another type of spill-proof spigot on another can but it’s not convenient or easy to use for these top fuel tanks. I’m full-on in LOVE with this no-spill can! I kid you not – peace & harmony reigns once again in the Taylor Household… LOL ~TxH~


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