Dinner Party, Shower-head Repair, Coffee Sale, Post-Holiday Food

by Texas Homesteader ~

Especially this time of year, we’re all trying to save a little money wherever we can, #amiright? I’ve found the best way to save some cold, hard cash is to incorporate easy (and non-drastic) money-saving measures into your daily life. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes there’s no sacrifice or hardship, it’s just part of your normal everyday life.

You just need to keep an eye open for opportunities. Take for instance these 5 frugal things that peppered our regular everyday lives recently.

Come see the 5 frugal things we were able to accomplish this week with very little effort. Saving money doesn't have to be hard. #TexasHomesteader

Free Plumbing Repair Parts

Our shower-head was dripping, apparently the valve was bad. But RancherMan knew that Delta has a lifetime guarantee on their cartridges. So he googled their contact information & sent them a message, reporting to them the problem.

Since we’re the original owners of this faucet, Delta is sending out a cartridge repair kit at no cost. This saves a valve replacement or repair parts and certainly the waste of dripping water. Yea!

See? No hardship or miserly actions. Just keeping an eye open for benefits that might have been overlooked.

Inexpensive Dinner Party

We wanted to get together with my parents. As we often do, we planned a simple meal and invited them over.

RancherMan smoked a pork loin and I made some cheesy/garlic mashed potatoes and opened  & warmed cans of green beans & potatoes. And I even made a Instant Pot Cheesecake for dessert.

The entire meal was made with items in our pantry & freezer. And enjoying the entire evening with my parents instead of a defined amount of time in a restaurant was a delight. There again, no sacrifice at all. Just opting for a simple yet delicious meal at home to share with the added benefit of more time to spend together in a much more intimate setting.

Best Timing To Buy

We have few shopping choices in our small rural community. So when I buy groceries I typically frequent our local grocery store. Many other necessities are purchased at our local Dollar General store. I’m a big advocate for keeping your spending dollars local.

This week we were out of coffee and Dollar General was offering a coupon for a $25 purchase. AND our brand of coffee was on sale too! So RancherMan & I brought enough coffee to cash in on the coupon (lol – pardon the pun).

We now have enough coffee in the pantry to hold us until the next sale, which we’ll be watching for. Keeping an eye open for sales on items you use frequently is always a good idea.

Post-Holiday  Meat Sales

After the holidays are over, buy those discounted turkeys and roast them up! RancherMan & I enjoyed a roasted turkey dinner and then I sectioned off and froze many more meal potions of the meat.

I’ll use that cooked & frozen meat in many recipes where I’d typically use chicken. Like perhaps substitute when making my Chicken Pot Pie or maybe Chicken & Dumplings.

It’s part of my Cook-Once, Eat-Twice method of cooking. And that method is a money-saving step in itself! Since I already have cooked meat in the freezer, a homemade meal can be put on the table in no time even during the busiest of days.

Don’t Throw Away The Bones!

THEN after the meat was removed, into the Instant Pot the carcass went. I cooked those bones (twice, actually) until they were crumbly soft, at which time I tossed them into the compost tumbler. The resulting rich, delicious broth was easily canned and placed in the pantry for all manner of delicious soups during the cold weather months.

That’s lots of healthy eating for very little money, y’all! And also lots of healthy meals in the freezer for future convenience too.

But I think you see what I mean. No hardships or penny-pinching miserly steps. Just keeping your eye open for opportunity.  How have you saved some money this week?


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4 thoughts on “Dinner Party, Shower-head Repair, Coffee Sale, Post-Holiday Food

  1. Candice

    After my broth is done, I like to put it in my silicone muffin pan and freeze. Then I have half cup portions of broth in the freezer and ready for me. 🙂

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Having pre-measured broth right in your freezer is so handy, Canddace. Your very own convenience food for pennies. Clever! ~TxH~

  2. candace ford

    I always boil off the bones left from ham or turkey. It doesn’t take much effort and makes a great soup base or broth to use when cooking rice or noodles or tortellini.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      ‘xactly Candace. And I’ve recently learned to strain off that broth and give those same bones a second go at the broth. Not sure why I didn’t think about that before, but there’s no broth shortage in the Taylor Household now. Merry Christmas to you & yours! ~TxH~


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