Garden Update: March

by Texas Homesteader ~

Spring is almost here, y’all! I’ve been both planning on as well as working in my garden already. I’ve had a system in place for years for keeping weeds and grass out of my garden’s walkways, but now I actually have something to keep grass & weeds out of the planting rows too. Less weeding? Yes please! Plus it will still help to conserve moisture & also attract earthworms. SCORE! All garden goodness right there!

See what’s going on in our garden this month…

It's only March, but there's LOTS going on both in preparation of as well as in the garden. Come see what we're doing. #TexasHomesteader

Seeds Already Planted In My Indoor Greenhouse

I planted my ‘Indoor Greenhouse‘ a few weeks ago and things are sprouting quite nicely in there right now. Here in Zone 8 our typical last frost is around March 20th. So my sweet little seedlings will be going into the garden soon.

Sprouting plants indoors. It's only March, but there's LOTS going on both in preparation of as well as in the garden. Come see what we're doing. #TexasHomesteader

I’ve planted many of my seeds in repurposed Cardboard Tube Seed Pots. For those seedlings I’ll drop them cardboard tube and all into the ground. Using these cardboard tube planters means I can still plant seeds inside and place them outside as seedlings in the spring. The paper tube simply feeds the worms and biodegrades back into the soil.

Weed Control In Walkways

I’ve redone my walking rows with more Weed-Block using the feed sacks we have in the shed. I topped it with Free Bark Mulch from our county. This is my garden setup each year.

Paper feed sacks covered with bark mulch for walkways. It's only March, but there's LOTS going on both in preparation of as well as in the garden. Come see what we're doing. #TexasHomesteader

But it involves lots of work to redo the walking rows every year. I’m contemplating getting some sort of heavy-duty weed blocking fabric to lay in my walking rows instead.

I’d really like to have a product that can hold up to the UV so it doesn’t have to be covered. Although the bark mulch we get is free, it also deteriorates enough that weed seeds brought by wind or birds has an opportunity to root. I’m trying to make my garden as chore free as humanly possible.

I realize it’s too late to take this step this year. But my hope is in the fall when I put the garden to bed I can make the necessary adjustments. So if you have any experience with a great product, hit me with your recommendations!

Garden Planted In Rows

Several years ago we had ‘raised beds’ in our garden. But the Bermuda grass would march right into the garden, under the wood frames of the beds and into our planting areas where we’d lose the Bermuda-Grass battle each & every year.

So we ripped up the frames & started planting in bare rows instead. At least we could keep the Bermuda grass under control.

Garden planted in rows. It's only March, but there's LOTS going on both in preparation of as well as in the garden. Come see what we're doing. #TexasHomesteader

Planting In Raised Beds This Year

But I’m not getting any younger, ya know. So we’re experimenting with REALLY raised beds.

We bought a galvanized trough to plant, I used EcoBricks for the drainage at the bottom and filled it with sandy topsoil. I amended the soil with aged manure, shredded leaves and compost and let it sit for a few months. (you can read my 5-Frugal Things – Garden Edition for details)

Raised bed in galvanized trough. It's only March, but there's LOTS going on both in preparation of as well as in the garden. Come see what we're doing. #TexasHomesteader

In addition to the the galvanized trough, we’re utilizing large 30-gallon buckets for additional raised beds. I’m anxious to see how those raised beds work this year!

Square Foot Garden Experiment

I’m planning to experiment with square-foot gardening in those beds this year too. I was amazed to read that you can plant NINE green bean plants in a square foot!

So other than that, it’s still early enough that there’s not much going on in the garden. What about you? Are you planting yet or still in the planning stages?


My Favorite Garden Hacks

My favorite gardening hacks all in one place. #TexasHomesteader

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11 thoughts on “Garden Update: March

  1. Nancy

    Hey Tammy, I’m not sure if I told you but Kaleigh and I are now in the great state of Wisconsin… I had to laugh at your 19 degrees. I’m sure you heard we had -50. No school for a week…crazy weather, even for here. They do have a thing called Victory Gardens here. They come and build the garden, and put in the organic soil at a cheaper price then you can diy. If you get a chance look it up. So I will be getting one and Kaleigh and I can have more then pot “gardens”. I’m pretty excited, I haven’t had a garden since leaving Texas. I’m already looking at heirloom seeds. We have beets and lettuce so far. And I think I may be back in rhubarn country….yeah! I think carrots are next on the list.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I figure no matter where in the world you live, there’s always somewhere with worse weather than you. In my case I was more distraught at the below-freezing temps for 3 consecutive nights killing any chances of me having a pear harvest (and it DID) I’m dreaming of a pear harvest next year though. I’ve heard of victory gardens and I’m a big fan. Back during WWII it was touted as your patriotic duty to grow a ‘Victory Garden’ to feed your own family so that the country’s resources could go toward the war effort. But I’m loving that there’s an organization in WI that has a turnkey option for its residents. How cool! I know y’all are looking forward to it too. Have fun! ~TxH~

  2. One of God's

    No properly ripe homgrown ‘mater needs help although I do love tomato sandwiches, tomato gravy over biscuits, caprese salad and uncooked pasta sauce as well as just a plate of ’em sliced.


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