Easy Low-Tech Way To Kill Weeds

by Texas Homesteader ~

Something with a single long taproot seeded itself prolifically in my front ‘flower bed’ last year. Now that spring is just around the corner, they all sprouted with a vengeance! So that it doesn’t become a bigger problem I started digging out the plants that I could reach.

But I was dismayed to see how thickly they were sprouting in my rock feature at the downspout. That digging stick wasn’t as effective in the rocks as it was in the soil. And ugh, my aching back. What a pain!

I killed weeds growing in the rocks in just minutes. Gotta love a cheap, fast, non-poison way to kill hard-to-dig weeds! #TexasHomesteader

Wonder if I can use something I’ve already got? I have a spray bottle in my kitchen filled with diluted vinegar for cleaning. I didn’t really measure it when I made it up, but it’s only about 1/4 cup vinegar and the rest of the spray bottle was filled with water. I use this spray bottle when I’m spot-cleaning a spill on the kitchen floor or cleaning the stove top.

Calm Winds And Sunshine To The Rescue!

So, I took advantage of a day with low wind & sunshine and fetched my vinegar spray from the kitchen cabinet. I was sure to spray the leaf surfaces of all the plants I wanted dead, & careful not to allow over-spray on any desirable plants. Then I sat back & let the sunshine and vinegar do all the hard work.

The plants are completely dead now of course, but this is a pretty dramatic before/after difference in just a few hours!

Before & after weed killing in rocks. I killed weeds growing in the rocks in just minutes. Gotta love a cheap, fast, non-poison way to kill hard-to-dig weeds! #TexasHomesteader

When I’m getting serious with weed spraying I use my heavy-duty non-toxic Weed Killer Recipe. But for these small weeds I didn’t even have to mix anything up – just fetch the spray bottle & get to spraying the weeds. Gotta love a cheap, fast, non-poison way to kill hard-to-dig weeds!



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10 thoughts on “Easy Low-Tech Way To Kill Weeds

  1. Nancy Wolff

    Thanks for sharing your post on the Homestead Blog Hop, I am constantly encouraging folks to use non toxic methods to get rid of weeds! As one of the co-hosts I will be sharing your post on the Hop this Thursday!
    -Nancy ( Nancy On The Home Front )

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      It’s always in the bag for us to try the most gentle solution first, moving up the ladder only if that doesn’t suffice. More times than not the gentlest solution works. ~TMH~

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      It works best with broadleaf weeds on a sunshiny day, Heidi. But it’s non-discriminatory so be sure there’s no wind to drift the spray onto any desirable plants. ~TMH~

  2. Mrs Shoes

    I use vinegar too; I don’t like to use poisons, especially near my gardens. The driveway runs right up to in front of my house; the gravel there has landscape fabric under it to keep weeds from growing. But that only means weeds from underneath; as dust & dirt blows around we get shallow rooted things taking hold & chickpea especially can spread into a large area quickly.

  3. Laurinda Pudlo

    I had read that vinegar works, but it wasn’t from someone I trusted. Thank you!
    Although it’s too bad you don’t just add them to your salad- they’re a bitter green that’s good for you


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