1882 Elwood Barbed Wire Decorative Wall Crosses

by Texas Homesteader 

Recently I wrote about framing a very large mirror with wood removed from our 1880’s barn during it’s exterior renovations.

The mirror included embellishment using our Elwood barbed wire dating back to 1882. We enjoy using items from our Homestead’s past and bring them close to us in our home.

We used our 1882 Elwood barbed wire found on our Texas ranch to create beautiful art for our home. Beautiful! #TexasHomesteader

Decorative Wall Cross

I had seen decorative crosses in the shops that were fashioned with barbed wire and I thought it would be very cool to do this ourselves with our very old authentic barbed wire.

So we went hunting for some of this wire which still has a presence in some of our cross fences. Once we had a section of wire we brought it back to the house and went to work.

It’s very old so the twisting and turning had to be done gently. A couple of our early attempts broke and we had to start over, but I love the way this one turned out. It’s simple, beautiful and very meaningful to us.

We used our 1882 Elwood barbed wire found on our Texas ranch to create beautiful art for our home. Beautiful! #TexasHomesteader

We decided to try a different design without so many twists and turns. The one below was fashioned with three similarly-sized stones found on our Homestead. They were wired to the center to represent Christ’s journey –  Red for His crucifixion and blood shed, Black for His death and burial and of course White for His resurrection.

What a meaningful wall decoration – we love it.

We used our 1882 Elwood barbed wire found on our Texas ranch to create beautiful art for our home. Beautiful! #TexasHomesteader

This art looks perfect on our wall and it brings some of the old-time history of our Homestead closer to home.

Of course the design fits perfectly with our preferred rustic decor and its meaning touches our hearts.  Win / Win!


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10 thoughts on “1882 Elwood Barbed Wire Decorative Wall Crosses

  1. Cynthia L

    These crosses are just beautiful. I love that the barbed wire comes from your ranch, it makes them so personal. Thanks for sharing this great craft at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link party! This post will be featured at the next In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party!

  2. Diana Petrilo

    So simple and so beautiful, and they are filled with great meaning because of the connection to your property. So glad I stopped by via TTF. Have a great week-end!

  3. cathy

    Amazing, and beautifully created! Love the rustic look. Checking this out from in and out kitchen link party 🙂

  4. tess

    I would LOVE to have one or two of your crosses… do you sell them? I live in MO & have a “cross” wall!!!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Tess, We’ve discussed doing some of these 1880’s barbed wire crosses for an etsy shop but we haven’t gotten that far yet (last year really threw us for a bit of a loop

  5. Jenny

    I love the one with the stones ~ beautiful. I think you should put these on Etsy as well. Write up a little card about the meaning and include it with the piece. It took me some time to set up a little store front, but I’ve enjoyed it and you can advertise here on your blog.

  6. Kim

    Thanks for giving me hope! LOL I have been dying to make my own barbed wire crosses. You make it look easier:-) Blessings~Kim

  7. Judy Harris

    Love these ideas! Great use of reclaimed wire and wood…I will be borrowing these , Thanks!

  8. Dolly Sarrio

    Thank you so much for linking up to The Creative Blog Hop

    I really like what you have done with the bobbed wire! Great Posts!


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