Diaper Wreath Tutorial For Super Cute Baby Gift

by Texas Homesteader ~

When someone you know is having a baby, you want to get a little something for them, right? But what?

How about getting several little baby items and displaying them into a pretty wreath?

That results in a dual-purpose gift. The parents-to-be could use the pretty wreath to decorate the nursery until the baby is born. Then they can use each of the items as needed. And a baby wreath is super easy to put together too!

An easy diaper wreath, customizable for either boy or girl. A decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! #TexasHomesteader

New Baby Expected

RancherMan & I have dear friends who are expecting a baby soon. I was beyond disappointed when I found out that her baby shower was on a day that RancherMan & I had unchangeable plans. 

We always have a pretty tight schedule but typically we can tweak something a few hours or even a day or so and work in things that come up. But not this time.

But I just couldn’t let this joyous occasion pass without our showing of love & excitement to them about their new baby. 

Gift Giving Doesn’t Come Naturally To Me

Now I’m terrible at gift giving. I stress about what someone needs, what they want. And I worry about what they may already have so as not to duplicate.

Some people are really good at gift giving but not this girl right here. To me it’s very, very STRESSFUL

Then I remembered what my mama always told me – “Presentation is half the gift”.  EUREKA – I know what I want to give them. I decided to make a cute diaper wreath.

Now I initially saw this idea on my Facebook newsfeed from Behind the After and thought her version turned out really cute (you can see hers here) So RancherMan & I went shopping.

Diaper Wreath Items

We bought an 18″ wreath frame at Wal-Mart – it was only a couple of bucks. Then I bought a 48-pack of newborn diapers, some baby girl socks, a tiny bottle, a pacifier, some travel-sized baby products, a cute headband, some baby washcloths and a soft plush teddy bear. 

This part of the gift is actually pretty fun to pick out. You can look for whatever cute baby things you want to add. The more colorful the better.

I also bought some ribbon for adding a little more color. And some tiny super-stretchy hair elastics to use to attach everything together. These things were purchased at the dollar store so they were super cheap.

An easy diaper wreath, customizable for either boy or girl. A decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! #TexasHomesteader

Now I’m ready to begin assembling my wreath. I need to make diaper rolls out of the package of diapers.

Making Diaper Rolls

First I need to make diaper rolls. So I opened the package of diapers and took a tiny diaper out. Awwwww… so tiny!

I rolled the diaper tight starting at the top of the diaper and rolling toward the fold. When it was rolled tightly, my diaper roll was held in place using one of the tiny elastic hair bands that I wrapped around the diaper.

An easy diaper wreath, customizable for either boy or girl. A decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! #TexasHomesteader

Now I’m left with a diaper roll. I set the diaper roll aside and repeated the procedure until I had as many diaper rolls as I’d need to go all the way around the wire wreath frame.

When I had rolled up around 40 diapers I started tying them to the frame with pink curly ribbon. I thought the pink ribbon would add a little color to my pretty wreath.

Attaching Diaper Rolls To Wire Wreath Frame

It was easy to attach my diaper rolls. I simply wrapped the ribbon tightly around the bottom 1/3 of the diaper and looped the ribbon around back to the middle wire on my wreath frame.

Then the ribbon was wrapped around the next diaper until they were all securely tied onto the wire wreath frame.

An easy diaper wreath, customizable for either boy or girl. A decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! #TexasHomesteader

After all the diapers were anchored to the frame I was ready to start attaching all the cute little baby products I’d bought. 

Attaching Baby Items To Diaper Wreath

You can add as many or as few baby items as you want here. I wanted the diapers to show and add a few little baby items sprinkled in for looks. But if you want you can pile those baby items on!

Here’s how I attached the things I’d bought for baby. First I laid those cute little baby things out around the wreath, spacing them evenly apart until I was happy with the look. 

Then the items were all anchored to the diaper wreath using the same type of super-stretchy hair bands I’d used on the diapers. 

An easy diaper wreath, customizable for either boy or girl. A decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! #TexasHomesteader

Embellishing With More Ribbon

When I was just about done with my diaper wreath, I wove more pink ribbon loosely throughout the wreath just to give it a little more PINK.  

I wanted dainty ribbon, but again you can go as dainty or as bold as you want here.

An easy diaper wreath, customizable for either boy or girl. A decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! #TexasHomesteader

I didn’t use all the diapers in the package that I’d bought for my diaper wreath. So I wrapped up the remaining loose diapers with some tissue paper and ribbon to give them as well. 

New parents can NEVER have enough diapers!

I think my diaper wreath turned out super cute! The new parents loved this gift for their baby girl. But you can customize this gift for either boy or girl if you want. So many options! 

Now my mama will be so proud, a decorative (yet useful) gift presented beautifully! See mom, I really did listen to you while I was growing up.  LOL

Several months later I made another diaper wreath for my sweet little niece. She was having a baby girl too.

For that wreath I included cute little ugg-styled boots as part of my wreath. I think it turned out cute too! Our little niece loved it.


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16 thoughts on “Diaper Wreath Tutorial For Super Cute Baby Gift

  1. shelley

    This is such a cute idea and I’ve chosen it as my featured pick for the Over The Moon Link party. Be sure to stop by the party Sunday afternoon to grab your badge.

  2. Mary-the boondocks blog

    You are so right about presentation. This is such a fabulous way to give a gift. Why they may just display it and never take the diapers down to use them it is that pretty! Just kidding. It really shows just how much you care by taking the time to make a really special gift.

  3. Katy SkipTheBag

    I love this idea. I keep seeing diaper cakes, but this is much cuter! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Hop!

  4. Lisa/Syncopated Mama

    I’d never seen one of these before I got one at my shower and I liked it way better than the diaper cake! Have a great week!

  5. Anya

    Such a cute idea for baby showers. I’ve seen diaper cakes before but a wreath is a great way to change things up a bit.

  6. Elaine

    Super cute and quite practical too!! My daughter is due any minute now!! A little boy this time!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 favorite things on Thursday! Pinned!

  7. Pili

    What a cute idea!! I wish I had know about diaper wreaths when my friends had babies, they are older now.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      There will always be baby showers to attend, Pili whether nieces/nephews, ladies from church, neighbors, etc. This diaper wreath will no doubt be duplicated the next time I receive a baby shower invitation. ~TxH~

  8. Suzy

    Great idea and so cute! Adding to my “crafty” collection of patterns etc.

  9. victoria

    We are hosting a baby shower this weekend, and when I saw this adorable wreath this morning I knew I had to give it a try. I ran out to the craft store and then over to Babies R Us and got everything I needed. It turned out so cute and what a great decoration as well as gift for the mom. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!

  10. ColleenB.~Texas

    Great job. Cute and such a useful gift and so fun to make and put together. I have done a couple diaper wreaths, diaper cakes and even have done a couple motorcycle cakes. They can get rather expensive by the time you buy the diapers, and all the little misc. stuff but still fun to do

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      You’re right Colleen, it can rack up more than intended if you’re not careful. I was able to get multi packages of things like baby socks and baby toiletries that I was able to separate and get more bang for the buck. I think it turned out cute though, and the parents-to-be seemed to like it too. Yea!

  11. Judith C

    Very cute idea. I would have to use cloth diapers. One of my goals in life is to convert as many new Moms as possible to cloth diapers as I can. Word alone doesn’t always convince them, I usually have to buy the diapers for them. This would be a cute way to present them.


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