Homestead Hack: Repurposed Items As Plant Markers

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Well garden season is in full swing in NE Texas. Before I ever planted my garden I first laid out what would be planted where using my multi-year spreadsheet. It allows me to take advantage of past year’s garden successes, avoid past year’s failures and even take advantage of companion planting. Then I used my indoor greenhouse to plant my heirloom seeds so I could get a head start with seedlings in the ground when planting time came.

When the danger of last frost had passed I dropped those tender seedlings into the ground, being sure to mark their base with a stick (great homestead hack from last year) so I’d know what foliage was veggie plant & what needed to be weeded away, as well as the location to water when the vines get to rambling. But I’ve found an easy way to repurpose items I already have in my home for the actual plant markers. Using these markers helps me to remember what I planted where without having to look it up. Check it out!

I've found a cute and easy way to repurpose an item I already have in my home to use as veggie plant markers in my vegetable garden. #TexasHomesteader

Using Canning Jar Lids For Plant Markers

I had saved some of my used canning jars that had a white background. Although I’m sure the ones that are solid colored would probably work as well, I liked the contrast of those white sections. I pulled out a *permanent tag-marker pen with black ink and got started.  Each lid was marked with a veggie variety I was planting. Jalapenos, elephant garlic, bell peppers, green beans and more!

I've found a cute and easy way to repurpose an item I already have in my home to use as veggie plant markers in my vegetable garden. #TexasHomesteader

I added an infinity-type symbol under the type of veggie to indicate that these plants are an heirloom variety. Almost all of my veggies are heirlooms, but there are some that I plant that are hybrid. This lets me know which plants I can save seeds from for next year’s garden.

I've found a cute and easy way to repurpose an item I already have in my home to use as veggie plant markers in my vegetable garden. #TexasHomesteader

I even made a marker for the volunteer vine that showed up in the garden. It may be cantaloupe, or spaghetti squash, or even pumpkin. Time will tell…  (I can’t wait to see what it ends up being!  LOL)

I love these little plant markers, and since I’ve used canning jar lids they also have a food preservation theme.  Cute, economical, effective!


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15 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Repurposed Items As Plant Markers

  1. Greg Hill

    It’s the little things that make repurposing so fun and as you say “effective”. Love it !
    That volunteers looking healthy what ever it is …lol I think it’s a squash.
    Good Job ! ~TMH~

  2. Shane

    Very very smart, love the idea! We sometimes use Popsicle sticks. Love this !
    I would love for you to come participate in our Blog Hop. The Homesteader Hop every Wednesday, I do hope you will come out and join us.

  3. ColleenB.~Texas

    wonderful idea but I had used up all my used flats for Christmas tree ornaments, photo ornaments, refrigerator magnets, etc.

  4. tonia conner

    Great idea, I will start saving my lids too. We have some old bean polls since we found we like bush beans better that I’ll have DH make short stakes of and screw lids to them.

  5. Ginger Williams

    I use heavy duty clip type clothes pins for my trellised or staked veggies, writing the ID with a permanent marker; this works since I grow 90% the same heirloom types each year. I station the clothes pins toward the top, to the side, in approximately the same position for all the tall items, so I know where to look for the ID once the vines start covering everything. For the catch-crops, fairly short veggies, mostly greens of one sort or another, I use craft sticks written on with the same permanent marker, separating the types of crop/variety with sections of 24″ high white wire fencing; looks good, and helps me remember where the turnip greens end and the green mustard starts, without wasting planting space on a open border section. Those sections of wire fencing also work well to stake/contain sections of bush beans and peas.By the way, those heavy duty clothes pins (the ones with the big circular gap before the clip) also work well to hold Remay frost protection onto conduit hoops. I DO love things with multi-purpose; keeps my tool shed from having so many different things in it!

  6. Michelle

    I love this idea!!! I save some of my used canning lids for storing herbs and dry goods in canning jars, but I have lots of them. This will be a great way to use them. Now I won’t have to buy the little plastic markers, which I reuse, but this is a much better idea. 🙂

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I had lots of them too Michelle. Some people figure out ways to hang them around the garden and while I may experiment with that as time goes by, I love the way they look just propped up against my plants. ~TMH~


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