Food Talk: What Can You Make With THAT?? Chickpeas

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Recently we were gathered with a few friends and RancherMan overheard me speaking with a friend who was asking about garbanzo beans. (also known as Chickpeas). She had some and didn’t know what to do with them.

I was pretty excited about my suggestions and RancherMan had to smile. Afterward he suggested I do a series of posts about food that people may need suggestions about. 

So this is my first of such series and I’m talking about chickpeas.

What Can You Make With Chickpeas?? I share a few ideas of different things I like to make with Chickpeas. Check out this Food Talk! #TexasHomesteader

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A can of chickpeas is pretty inexpensive to buy. But chickpeas are even CHEAPER if you buy a bag of dried beans instead of canned. I like that because I’m cheap,  I mean broke, errr – careful with our money.

I’ve been very successful in cooking dried chickpeas very quickly using a pressure cooker – provided I’d pre-soaked the beans. And the cost (and landfill-bound trash) is significantly reduced. That really matters to me. 

But now that you’ve got chickpeas, what do you do with ’em?

A Healthy Serving Of Beans

Of course you can eat chickpeas like you would any other bean, just seasoned as a side dish. I like to toss in a pinch of cumin.

They’re a great plant-based protein and they’re loaded with fiber, iron, B vitamins & more. We enjoy garbanzos from time to time this way.

A Crunchy Snack

I’ve also drained chickpeas, added enough flavored olive oil to coat & seasoned with garlic salt, cajun spice, whatever suited my fancy. Then I tossed the chickpeas until they were evenly coated and placed them on a baking pan in an oven preheated to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes until crunchy. (be watching so it doesn’t burn)

It’s a healthier snack for my handsome RancherMan. And he really enjoys both the taste and the crunch.

A Creamy Dip

What Can You Make With Chickpeas?? Homemade hummus. I share a few ideas of different things I like to make with Chickpeas. Check out this Food Talk! #TexasHomesteader

But my favorite way to enjoy chickpeas is by making my own Homemade Hummus. Our youngest daughter shared the recipe with me a couple of years ago and she was right, it really is ‘Stupid-Easy’ to make!

I just place drained chickpeas and a few other simple ingredients/seasonings in my *Ninja Blender, whirr them for a few seconds and BOOM!  Hummus! 

I’ve made & served this delicious yet healthy snack food at many gatherings.

How do you most like to enjoy chickpeas?


Other Favorite Condiments

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5 thoughts on “Food Talk: What Can You Make With THAT?? Chickpeas

  1. Melonie K.

    I’m a new reader – found you while looking for a solar oven recipe. You’ve hit on a bean close to my heart! We love hummus at my house, but my main use for chickpeas is in a slow cooker turkey three-bean chili (easily made veg by leaving out the ground turkey). It has chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans in it. Love to serve it over rice and a slow cooker full always makes enough to feed us, set aside leftovers for another night, and often feed some guests or put a few containers by for my husband to take for lunch.

  2. Nancy

    I absolutely love hummus. I’ve made it a few times and eat it wuth Stacy’s pita chips. But they are pretty pricy. I’ve thought about trying to make them, but just haven’t got around to it.

    1. Nancy

      I always seem to see typos after I post my comments. And I usually proof read before I post but this time i got a call and posted before. I hate that.

  3. Patty

    Thanks for reminding me that I have a couple of cans in the pantry. Homemade hummus sounds delicious for this weekend. Next time, I’ll try cooking the dried ones in the pressure cooker. I have my mom’s and rarely remember to use it 🙁

  4. Miss B

    Love your post today! I’m a big fan of chickpeas too. I like to make hummus, of course. I also like to use them drained and rinsed on a green salad. They are an inexpensive source of protein and fiber, and they add a bit of texture. I’ve made a Greek version of something like a 3 bean salad with them. We also enjoy homemade veggie burgers, and a lot of times I’ll use mashed chickpeas in those. In case you’ve never made veggie burgers, let me inform you that they are absolutely nothing like storebought. Homemade ones are delicious, and the kind I make aren’t meant to replace beef burgers. Rather, they are made of beans and veggies and served with something like guacamole, garlic mayo, sriracha mayo, or chipotle mayo. They can be served on a bun or without. Hooray for chickpeas!


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