Reducing Trash: Using My Handmade Basket When Traveling

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I wrote recently about a basket. A handmade basket. A beautiful basket. MY basket. 

You see, I’d wanted an open-top basket for a long time and I was really trying to find one at a thrift store. Not only would it be less expensive but I wanted it to be used instead of new. I always prefer to buy used whenever possible. It’s just an environmental thing for me.

But for months I was patient and searched for one. Alas, a suitable basket was nowhere to be found. Then one fateful day as RancherMan & I were strolling through an outdoor fair I saw her. 

Oh she was a beauty! A handmade woven basket with leather handles. Deep sage greens and vibrant pink accents. 

“How much?” I timidly asked.  “Forty Dollars” came the reply.

Wow. Forty dollars? That’s more than I was planning on spending. But oh how I loved her! And it was certainly worth that much, having been sturdily made. 

Plus I love to support artists whenever possible. So I bought that beautiful basket with the bright pink accents, hoping I’d use it as much as I thought I would. And I’m pleased to say I have!

I love my handmade basket but will I use it as much as I think I would? Recently we took a traveling day-trip & it was used once again #TexasHomesteader

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A couple of weeks ago I told you about the most common benefit of having this basket.  Shopping! Our shopping trips typically involve only a few purchases and I always have my reusable fabric bags with me.

But this basket is so wide-open at the top that I feel comfortable allowing it to carry my purchases to the resister without worrying the shop owners fear dishonesty. The top’s wide open!

Basket when shopping eliminates plastic bags. I love my open-top basket. But will I use it as much as I think I would? Recently we took a traveling day-trip & it was used once again #TexasHomesteader

And unlike fumbling with my fabric bags, the clerks are happy to scan my items & place my purchases back into the basket. It stands wide open & ready for them. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.

Basket Used For A Day Trip

But there’s another easy way my basket recently helped make my days convenient. You see, recently we were headed out of town to visit my dad. It’s just a day trip so no suitcases were necessary.

But there were some things I wanted to bring with us. We wanted our *Super-Insulated Tumbler mug for the trip. (DANG those things keep our drinks cold for a long time.) 

Bringing our mug filled with ice water assured there would be no need to stop on the way for something to drink when traveling. That’s good for our wallet & good for the environment.

And we’d want our tablets with us as well. Since dad lives in a very remote location we often help him quickly research any questions he has about repairs to his equipment or where to purchase a needed item.  

So into the basket our tablets went. Oh and I didn’t want to forget the clippers he’d loaned to us so I added them too.

Of course I didn’t want to arrive empty handed so I was able to quickly whip up some Chocolate Cake-Mix Cookies for a chocolatey treat. After they were baked I let them cool and popped the cookies into a repurposed empty coffee canister. Then into the basket they went as well.

I love my handmade basket but will I use it as much as I think I would? Recently we took a traveling day-trip & it was used once again #TexasHomesteader

Everything for our day trip was tucked neatly into this beautiful basket. Easy in, easy out. Oh how I love it!

(If you’re looking for baskets too, I found some *Hand-Woven Shopping Baskets on Amazon!)


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3 thoughts on “Reducing Trash: Using My Handmade Basket When Traveling

  1. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    You can buy beautiful hand made baskets are many markets in France and they are very popular – good for local businesses and good for the environment too #GoingGreenLinky

  2. Patti

    I’m drooling!! If you ever find out who the artist is that’s selling these please let me know. I absolutely adore this basket and would love to purchase 2 of them. I have looked high and low around here and nothing. I so love supporting handmade work like this and US made doesn’t get any better! Have a great week with your beautiful basket Tammy, Patti


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