Welcoming Guests – Country Style!

by Texas Homesteader

Since we’ll be entertaining a guest at the homestead for a few days I began preparing the welcome. I wanted to add a more personal touch. Other than standard cleaning & fluffing the nest, I wanted fresh flowers to welcome our guests. How can you possibly perfect the beauty that’s right outside our door?

I keep a brown bottle that was found on our property years ago and I filled it with lavender blooms and rosemary from our dual-purpose landscaping. I thought it added a charming country touch. Another vase is filled with flowers and fountain grasses I came across in our pasture. Beautiful!

There is never an absence of entertainment right here on the homestead - our guests never get bored! Read about country entertainment. #TexasHomesteader

Country Entertainment?

Although the house was ready-to-receive I wondered what we could offer our guests in the form of entertainment? In the past I’ve compared our hosting methods with the thoughtful hosting of others who have invited us into their homes.

For instance when we would go visiting elsewhere, as soon as we arrived there would be an array of restaurants to try and entertainment venues to visit. There are musicals, plays, movies, museums and the like.

I worried that living in such a rural area we could not offer any of these fun activities. Would our guests would simply get bored out here in the quiet of the country?

As it turns out my fears were unfounded. There is never an absence of entertainment right here on the homestead. We have plenty of catfish and bass in our ponds to keep those anglers busy and young or old. Our guests always seem to love it!

There is never an absence of entertainment right here on the homestead - our guests never get bored! Read about country entertainment. #TexasHomesteader

We have a clay target thrower and on occasion enjoy doing a little practice shooting. The deluge of plastic trash that blankets our pastures makes for a busy clean-up afterward. So we still play with practice shooting but for environmental reasons we no longer partake in this activity very often.

Instead we get into some pretty fun (and sometimes trash-talking) target shooting contests using both compound and long bows and arrows. We always make a bragging-rights competition out of it. And it’s always a hoot!

Mother Nature’s Entertainment

There’s much to see in the creeks and tree lines. We’ve watched as a mama raccoon shuttled her newborn babies to a safer location – so cute! There are all manner of critters to watch – lumbering opossums, soaring hawks, strange armadillos and colorful butterflies. And there’s always hunting opportunities with the many wild hogs that occupy this part of NE Texas.

Of course there’s the enjoyment of sitting on the back porch and visiting with each other. We often have an icy-cold beverage in hand, watching in awe as the brilliant sun sinks into the western horizon in a beautiful blaze.

There is never an absence of entertainment right here on the homestead - our guests never get bored! Read about country entertainment. #TexasHomesteader

I always hear exclamations of how beautiful the vibrant stars are in the nighttime sky out here – stars that are difficult to see in the typical city environment.

So I’ve found my fears are always unfounded. In fact, our guests aren’t looking for a city-inspired entertainment visit. They’re actually looking for that peaceful entertainment of our rural surroundings. And our guests never get bored. Instead they thoroughly enjoy their restful visit!

We’re often told that after spending time on our ranch our visitors feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed. Hey, isn’t that what you would want to hear from any guest? SUCCESS!


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13 thoughts on “Welcoming Guests – Country Style!

  1. Dawn S.

    What a nice post. I think that there are probably a lot of city people craving a bit of country time. Just curious about something, do you have a guest room for your visitors to stay in? Where do you put them? I would love to be able to invite people to come visit us at the farm more often but we have no guest room and usually have to juggle everyone around and fit people in where we can

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Yes Dawn, we have a small modest guest room with a queen bed, antique chest of drawers and nightstand. As a matter of fact, RancherMan & I made a custom headboard for the guest room with our reclaimed barn wood (see it here –> http://txhomesteader.com/myo-reclaimed-lumber-barnwood-headboard/ ) We also have an even smaller office where we have a futon for overflow guests and others have been known to sack out on the livingroom couch, on our folding cot or bring out sleeping bags and line up in other locations when we have a really big gathering like our annual RanchFest (see it here –> http://txhomesteader.com/family-reunion-taylor-made-ranch-style/). Visitor numbers ebb and flow but we’ve always been able to accommodate everyone! ~TMH~

  2. Jenny

    You sound like the perfect hostess. I’m sure your guests will have a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing with us at the Homeacre Hop. We hope to see you back again tomorrow.

  3. Candy C.

    I would truly appreciate coming to visit you! It seems I usually need to take a couple of days off after visiting family and friends because they seem to think we need to be doing something or going somewhere ALL THE TIME!! 😉

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Candy, sometimes in trying to be a good host, busyness can take over. I’ve found that when we have guests they really enjoy slowing things down a bit, but to be honest I really worried that I wasn’t doing right by not offering them all the ‘fun’ things they’ve always offered us when we visit in the city. Now I know what we see as everyday activities here on the ranch, our guests see as a fun & relaxing adventure. Yea! ~TMR~

  4. Marla

    Sounds like every one had a great time. I love your lavender and the idea of using an old bottle – it looks great and so inventing. Nature provides up with so much #natural beauty. This all goes to prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time. On a ranch or farm there are always so many things to do and enjoy. Want some more guests I available LOL! Visiting from Linked Up Tuesday. Thanks for sharing

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL Marla! I guess we really enjoy visiting with friends & family in the city because they have different entertainment than we have here – but the opposite is true as well – they really enjoy coming here because it’s different than what they have at home. Sure takes the stress out of it when you realize you actually shouldn’t try to emulate what other hosts have done on your visits to see them in the city as that’s actually not the experience they’re after in the first place! ~TMR~


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