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Planned Leftovers: Carnitas Tacos from Pork Roast

by Texas Homesteader ~

I hate food waste. Now I’m sure we ALL hate food waste, but for some reason it’s a deep-seated hatred for me. I’m not sure where such strong feelings originate – I never recall going hungry a day in my life. But for some reason I simply cannot stand food waste. I keep an eye on food freshness in my kitchen like a ninja!

I’ve spoken before about my Cook-Once, Eat-Twice method of cooking where you cook a boatload of main dish & freeze the rest for future meals. These entrees will be served exactly as they were cooked. Homemade Meat Ravioli or Stuffed Bell Peppers are two examples.

But there’s another method of cooking I often employ to stop food waste in its tracks: Planned Leftovers. This is a little different, a main ingredient is made in large quantities and then the leftovers are made into completely different dishes.

For instance I might cook a Slow-Cooker Sticky-Chicken one night and then make Tortilla Soup with the leftover chicken. Make sense?

Now hear this: recently I purposely made massive quantities of Slow Cooker Pork Roast. One of my all-time favorite leftovers planning is Carnitas Tacos. Oh man you’re gonna love this!

Planned Leftovers - remake leftover pork roast into a totally new dish: Carnitas Tacos. Delicious & you can make your own taco shells too! #TexasHomesteader

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Homestead Hack: Leftover Roast Into Hearty Stew

by Texas Homesteader ~

Who doesn’t love a hearty stew when the weather’s cold? And if you’re using leftover roast to make it, that meal can be on the table in minutes.

Recently I wrote about the benefit of planned leftovers. That’s the method of cooking when you purposely cook more of an item than you will eat at one time.

Then bibbidy-bobbedy-boo presto-changeo remake the leftovers into brand new and delicious recipes.

But today I’m sharing the quickest & most basic delicious leftover idea: a Hearty Stew!

Planned Leftovers remade into the quickest meal possible - a hearty meat/veggie stew. Check out this Homestead Hack. #TexasHomesteader

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Solar Cooking: Boneless Breaded Pork Chops

by Texas Homesteader
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Well it looks like a sunshiny day and the wind will not be high. So I can’t think of a better reason to use my * Solar Oven. I want to bake boneless, breaded pork chops – OUTSIDE!

It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be hot or cold outside. That’s because the outside temps don’t really affect the cooking with a solar oven. I’ve heard it said that ‘all you need is a shadow‘.

Summer or winter – as long as the sun is shining and the wind isn’t high enough to mess with the reflectors, solar oven cooking is a GO!

Today I think I’ll try my hand at baked pork chops…

It's hot & humid outside, but I'm not adding it inside our home. How am I going to cook tonight's supper? You won't believe it! #TexasHomesteader

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Easy Cheesy Slow-Cooker Enchilada Casserole Recipe

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

This cheesy enchilada casserole is simple to put together and uses slow-cooker convenience.

Ground meat, cheese, refried beans, tomato sauce, chili and corn tortillas makes this a simple yet delicious meal. Check out my easy recipe, y’all!

By using food I'd already prepared this enchilada casserole was inexpensive and environmentally friendly as well. Check out my easy recipe #TexasHomesteader

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Wild Game Recipe: Wild Hog Pork Ribs On The Grill

by Texas Homesteader 

Wild hogs are a problem here in NE Texas, their destruction is far-reaching and often severe.  These destructive creatures sweep across our fields in great quantities & root huge holes in our pastures overnight. This damage not only destroys the pasture grasses we rely on to feed our cattle, but can be damaging to our equipment as well.

But the good news is these wild hogs are just pork – escaped domestic hogs that have re-bred for years in the wild. RancherMan is an accomplished hunter. Since these wild hogs are so plentiful on our homestead it’s very common for us to have an abundance of wild pork in our freezer at any given time.

I’ve written before about some of the many ways I cook this meat such as Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Slow Cooker Pork Roast w/Red Wine, But today I’m writing about that sweet rite of Barbeque-Season passage – Pork Ribs on the grill!

RancherMan is an accomplished hunter and wild pork is plentiful here in NE Texas. Today he invited over dinner guests & grilled up some ribs! #TexasHomesteader

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