Instant Pot Roast Recipe – Comfort Food FAST In A Pressure Cooker!

by Texas Homesteader ~  I use my 6-quart electric pressure cooker to easily make the ultimate comfort food. Moist, tender pot roast.  This savory roast and plentiful brown gravy is the perfect comfort food. And it’s made simple using the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Fast, delicious, perfect! 

Need a Quick & Easy Side Dish? Instant Pot Rosemary Rice

by Texas Homesteader ~  Rice is a staple in my homestead kitchen. There are so many ways to flavor it! I needed a quick & easy side dish for a casual dinner party so I decided to make rosemary rice. I used homemade broth & fresh rosemary growing in my garden to make this quick […]

Lemon Cookies Made w/Instant Potatoes

by Texas Homesteader ~  We were given a package of instant potato flakes. But I don’t cook with instant potatoes since we both much prefer the taste of real mashed potatoes to instant. But y’all know how I hate to waste food, so I set out looking for ways to use them up. Thickening for […]