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Dehydrating Shredded Potatoes For Homemade Hash Browns

by Texas Homesteader ~ 
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You can often find a huge bag of potatoes for cheap. It’s hard not to just buy the bigger bag instead of a smaller bag for almost the same money. But will you be able to eat them all before they go bad?

I decided to dehydrate them. But there’s a trick to keeping them from turning black as they’re dehydrated.

Dehydrating Potatoes. If you buy a bag of potatoes cheap, how do you preserve them before they go bad? Dehydrate them! #TexasHomesteader

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Solar Cooking: Baked Potatoes

by Texas Homesteader~ 
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I came across a great deal on a huge back of potatoes recently. So I figured  I’d use my solar oven to cook up baked potatoes.

Well folks it’s still hot in Texas. And that’s not exactly the best time to throw on your heat-producing electric oven in your kitchen and bake potatoes.

Aaaaaanyway, here’s how I baked my potatoes.

I'm using my solar oven almost every day for the last few weeks - I LOVE IT! See how I cooked baked potatoes without adding any heat to my Texas kitchen. #TexasHomesteader
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