5 Frugal Things We Did To Save Money This Week: Grocery Budget, Feeding Birds, Parties & More!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

It’s true, if you keep your eyes open there are always easy ways to save money. Take this week for example, we saved money everywhere from hosting a party to getting a shepherd’s hook for FREE. Come see the 5 easy ways we saved money this week.

Come see this week's 5 frugal things to save money. #TexasHomesteader

  1. Feeding The Birds. I filled my hummingbird feeders with Homemade Nectar. It’s cheap using just granulated sugar and water (as recommended by the National Audubon Society.)

I also filled our wild bird feeder with Cheaper Chicken Scratch Wild Bird Food. Feeding wild birds on the CHEAP!

Hummingbird bird feeder nectar sugar water #TexasHomesteader

2. Low-Waste, Low-Cost Party. We hosted our annual Low-Waste Party for our family reunion. I used real dishes when serving our Pulled Pork BBQ & all the fixin’s. No disposables to buy and throw away just to buy again next year!

It’s environmentally friendly & cheaper too since I’m not buying and throwing away disposables. Cleaning the mess was as easy as scrape/load/push the button on our dishwasher.

A low-waste party is achievable. Use real dishes and flatware when possible.

3. Free Solar Clothes Dryer. We washed & freshened guest room sheets from our overnight guests and hung them on the line to dry. They’ll be ready for next time!

According to Energy.gov, the clothes dryer is one of the most costly appliances in your home. Line-drying does the job for FREE and I love the fresh scent line-drying adds to our clean laundry.

Clean sheets laundry hanging on the line to dry. #TexasHomesteader

4. Bartered Extra Eggs For A Shepherd’s Hook. I needed a tall shepherd’s hook to hang our new hummingbird feeder.

We had plenty of eggs, someone else had a taller shepherd’s hook they weren’t using. Bartering in its purest form – we both got something we needed in exchange for something we didn’t!  

Fresh brown eggs from our own laying hens in a wire basket. #Texas Homesteader

5. Homemade Solar Screens On Our Sunniest Windows. We have homemade solar screens that we have on our sunniest windows. They’re especially helpful as the temperatures heat up.

These solar screens keep excess heat out of our house – we only use them on our sunniest windows. This makes a big difference in our expense to run air conditioning during our hot southern summer months.

Solar screens on sunny windows can significantly reduce heat coming into your home. #TexasHomesteader

So there ya go, 5 easy things we did to save money this week. Of course there were everyday things such as:

Saved coffee grounds to fight rollie pollie bugs off my seedlings.

Used a soap/oil/water spray for fighting aphids on my Concord grapevine.

Cooked and ate at home using my Homemade Meal Shortcuts.

There are lots of tricks I use to make homemade meals every day the EASY way! #TexasHomesteader

Planted free Native Texas Wildflower Seeds in my pollinator garden.

Harvested Crimson Clover seeds from my garden’s cover crop that I allowed to go to seed. Next year’s crimson clover will be FREE, bebe!

Spread a used hay wrap over my tomato bushes when severe storms/hail rolled through to protect my garden tomatoes.

A used haybale net wrap can be used to cover a tomato trellis to protect garden plants from severe storms and hail. #TexasHomesteader

Every household is different – what are your frugal 5 this week?


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2 thoughts on “5 Frugal Things We Did To Save Money This Week: Grocery Budget, Feeding Birds, Parties & More!

  1. Angela DeGroot

    If we stop and just think about it there are many ways to save. Can take a bit more effort but worth it for early retirement.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      You’re so right, Angela. It just seems second nature to me now. Like the natural rhythm of my days. It allows RancherMan & me to live a fulfilling life we love. ~TxH~


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