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Our favorite articles about simple homemade seasoning mixes posted on TexasHomesteader.com

Simple Beef Stew Dry Seasoning Mix – Savory Herbs & Spices Blended Together

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Beef stew is a comfort food for sure. And I use a simple homemade dry-seasoning mix when I make beef stew, or even to add flavor to hearty soups.

It’s comprised of just a few standard pantry ingredients and gives your stew the thick savory flavor you love. Plus it gives you control over salt content too. 

Stew Dry Seasoning Mix herbs spices - #TexasHomesteader

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How To Accumulate Okra, Coat In Seasoned Mix & Freeze For Frying Later

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I only planted a few okra plants in the garden. So how will I accumulate the few okra I harvest each day until I have enough to fry?

I keep a dry seasoning mix in my freezer. Then I’ll add the cut okra to that mix each day until I have enough to fry.

An easy way to accumulate fresh okra from the garden & prepare it for frying at a later time. A quick mixture of flour, cornmeal & spices. #TexasHomesteader

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BBQ Rub & Beer-Based Mop Sauce Recipe

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

It’s grilling season, y’all! And that means you’ll need a good BBQ rub and mop sauce. Boy do I have a treat for you!

RancherMan was planning to smoke a whole grill-full of pork roasts using pecan wood. But he needed a flavorful BBQ Rub & Mop Sauce. And he certainly found a good one!

A delicious beer/coffee based BBQ mop sauce and dry rub recipe for smoked meat on the grill. Super easy to whip up in a flash. #TexasHomesteader

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Homestead Hack: Table Salt & Pepper Combination

by Texas Homesteader 

When cooking or serving our food I always try to go easy on the salt, but we both like lots of pepper. 

LOTS of pepper!

So I often lightly salt our food and then heavily pepper it. The ratio I use is pretty consistent.

One day as I was peeling & seasoning a hard-boiled egg. I pulled out the salt and watched carefully for just a few grains to be sprinkled on the egg so it wouldn’t be over salted, then got the pepper and finished the seasoning with a hefty covering of pepper. 

Then I got to wondering, since my seasoning ratio is always the same, I wonder…

HOMESTEAD HACK: Since the ratio of my salt & pepper is always the same, can I streamline simple seasoning tasks? YES! #TexasHomesteader

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