How To Watch Television When You Live In A Rural Area

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

In a rural area with poor antenna reception you can still watch TV without resorting to a monthly cable bill. We’ll show how to get the best antenna reception plus options such as: Roku – Firestick – Chromecast and MORE!

When we moved to the country we discovered TV reception was poor at best. But we didn't resort to a monthly cable bill - see how! #TexasHomesteader

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Saving Money On Television Entertainment 

When we lived in the city it was easy to watch television for free through our TV antenna. But when we moved to the country we discovered that TV reception was poor.

Everyone told us we would have to get a cable or satellite subscription if we wanted to watch TV. As you can guess we immediately went on a mission to defeat that issue.

When we lived in our city home we had an antenna in the attic that provided excellent reception. That was before digital TV. 

But once we moved into our rural area we were no longer able to get acceptable reception with the same set-up. 

How To Get Better Reception From Television Antenna

Since an antenna in our attic had worked great at our city home, we tried mounting the antenna as high in the attic as possible in our homestead home too.

But the signal was very unreliable, partially due to our solar decking in the attic blocking the signal.

So instead we mounted it as high on the roof as possible. After installing the proper bracket and pole to the peak of the roof and properly grounding against lightning we were able to get the antenna about 25 feet high. (our roof peek is about 20 feet high and the pole is another 5 feet higher) 

A rooftop television antenna helped us get television reception in a rural area. #TexasHomesteader


How To Position A TV Antenna For Best Reception

Once the antenna was up in the air and clear of our solar decking, the reception improved dramatically. RancherMan then went online and found the list of FCC DTV Station Maps.

Using a compass he pointed the antenna exactly where it needed to be to get the strongest signal from the closest stations. Since we are approximately 75 miles from the Dallas towers, we’re in what’s considered the ‘fringe area’. That means all of our station signals are weak.

But by mounting our antenna higher in the air we found that now we have over 80 channels available. Not bad for a one-time investment of about $200 for a new antenna & bracket.

Better Rural Reception Using An Antenna Power Booster

But then there was the issue of signal strength and this proved a much more difficult problem to solve. But we refused to give up.

Antenna Booster. When we moved to the country we discovered TV reception was poor at best. But we didn't resort to a monthly cable bill - see how! #TexasHomesteader

So we installed a *Power booster on the antenna. This helped our antenna reception substantially.

How To Stream Shows & Movies To Your Television

We watch television via our antenna often. But as you know, broadcast TV is oftentimes less than desirable these days.

Thankfully it’s easy stream movies & shows you actually enjoy from the internet to your television using:


*Apple TV

*Amazon Fire Stick

*Smart TV

Roku - Watch TV over the internet. When we moved to the country we discovered TV reception was poor at best. But we didn't resort to a monthly cable bill - see how! #TexasHomesteader

We have DSL internet and a wireless modem and we like Roku or Apple TV best.

Roku gives us access to hundreds of free internet-based channels, including movies. There are minimal “live” broadcasts through this device. But news is still broadcast after the fact through Roku. And countless shows are available on a replay basis.

There are also improvement channels as well as cooking, DIY, documentaries, old movies and cartoon channels. And there are hunting and fishing channels too.

Chrome Cast To Mirror Your Computer To Your TV

*ChromeCast is a small thumb drive-looking device that plugs into the TV. It uses the WIFI to cast shows & movies from the computer onto our TV.

By casting from a computer to the TV, RancherMan & I can schnoodle up on the couch and watch movies from his computer but on a larger TV screen.

But ChromeCast doesn’t work with Apple IOS and we have Apple tablets. So when casting from our Apple tables we use the *Apple TV device (not to be confused with Apple TV streaming subscription)

Amazon Prime Lets You Stream Shows & Movies For FREE

We love Amazon Prime for free shipping. But your prime account also allows you to stream shows & movies. So we enjoy that feature often. I mean we’ve already paid for Prime – why not use all the benefits??

NOTE: If you don’t already have it, you can totally *Try Amazon Prime For FREE for 30 days. Then place your order & get your free shipping, etc. Keep prime for 30 days FOR FREE & try it out – streaming movies, music, free shipping – the whole 9 yards! If you don’t want to continue you can cancel within 30 days and pay nothing for the Amazon Prime membership trial run

Plus there’s an added benefit of no commercials while we’re streaming most shows & sitcoms. That’s especially handy during the holidays when the same ole “If you loved her you’d buy her a truck for Christmas” commercials play over & over again!

And y’all – you can try *Amazon Prime For FREE!

It might be a good way to see what all is available through Prime. And take advantage of that free shipping and streaming music too!

So if you live in a rural area don’t give up on affordable TV.  And if you live in the city, still look into the Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, ChromeCast and/or Amazon Prime options. 

Cut that cable bill – your bank account will love you.


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FCC DTV Station Maps


28 thoughts on “How To Watch Television When You Live In A Rural Area

  1. Joann Woolley

    I have a few friends who have Roku and think we should switch – my husband is a big sports fan and doesn’t want to give up sports related programming…. sigh.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Yeah, it’s always hard for the sports fans to switch. RancherMan is a huge Mavericks Basketball fan and he’s been able to work around not having cable and enjoy most games, although there have been a few games he’s had to miss. ~TxH~

  2. Heather @ Simply Save

    I love my Roku! I have it hooked up to Netflix and Amazon Prime so I haven’t played around with the free channels much, but now I’m going to check them out. Crackle sounds intriguing!

  3. Mary Gilbert

    We cut the cable a little over two years ago and purchased a Roku. We love it!!! Can’t hardly tolerate going somewhere and having to suffer through cable tv.
    Thanks for sharing on No Rules Weekend Blog Party!

  4. Gretchen

    Thanks for the information. We are looking forward to getting out of the city!

  5. Gretchen

    Question for you. We are moving to a small farm in Fannin County, near Bonham. What do you use for internet access? My husband will be working from home and will need the best high-speed access available.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Gretchen, We use AT&T for our DSL. I can’t say I recommend them but they’re one of the few DSL options we have out here. (As long as you never have to call them for anything, the service itself works just fine.) Congrats on your move – how exciting! ~TxH~

  6. Tami Lewis

    We also live in North east Texas and we live off grid. We are so rural that we don’t have phone lines or the ability to get power! So we live off grid. And we have given u on tv lol so we use a generator to power a tv and dvd player and stick with dvds.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Hi Tami, It sounds like you’ve got a great solution for your family. We really wanted to be off-grid too & just couldn’t make it work financially. (although getting set up with the electric company was severely cost prohibitive, alternative energy options were just out of our reach) We compromised by paying the exorbitant fees to get electricity run to our home and then NOT using as much of it as we could each month. Our electric bills are shockingly low and we love it! I’m secretly envious of your off-grid status… So glad you stopped by! ~TxH~

  7. bunnyfreak

    We love your Roku. We now have two. You should check out the private channel nowhereman. This channel has many feeds for news stations, home, education, networks (we watch David Letterman top ten lists).

    For Baseball Fans – You can watch live games through an MLBTV subscription on Roku. While this subscription is over $100 bucks, you get all the games for the season. (For non-subscribers there is a daily free game.) Much cheaper than when we purchased Extra Innings package through cable company.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      We love nowheremman channel too! I didn’t know about the subscription for live games though, thanks for sharing. ~TxH~

  8. Emily @ My Love for Words

    We’ve been thinking about getting a Roku because we have a satellite dish and spend way too much on tv every month. I’ve never heard of Crackle before. Definitely checking that out!

  9. emanda

    thanks for info made the jump and now save another 90 bucks month

  10. Heather

    Hello there! Have you had your Roku for very long? We received one for Christmas a couple of years ago and after using it for 6 months, it just completely stopped working. We had the same model that you have in your picture, so I am curious if you have had similar problems. PLEASE NOTE that this was an isolated incident. My sister and her husband have had the exact same model for over 2 years and it works splendidly. Visiting from TALU.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Heather, we’ve never had any trouble at all with our Roku. If I were in your shoes I’d contact the manufacturer and let them know. I’ve found that most times the manufacturer is eager to make things right, or at least reduce the cost that would be involved in buying a new one. Good luck! ~TxH~

    2. Beth McIntire

      If you’ve only had the Roku for 6 months, I recommend contacting Roku about a warranty replacement if you haven’t already. I had a remote control go bad on my Roku before the one-year warranty was up, and they sent me a new one. Hope this helps!

  11. Deanna

    Great timing! We dropped satellite two weeks ago because Dish wouldn’t give us new equipment and DirectTV frustrated me. So, we thought we’d just do without until a better deal came through. Now that we’ve been watching tv on the antenna and I’ve been debating over Roku or Hulu Plus through the HDMI cable, I don’t think we’ll go back to satellite or cable.

  12. CelloMom

    TV is never free: we are thrown the programs in return for our willing eyeballs to watch the commercials of “sponsors”. You can regard it as manufacturers’ direct access to our “Buy” button. And they push it all the time. What truly puzzles me is that we consent to pay (e.g. for cable) for the privilege of being presented with incessant commercials urging us to buy things we don’t need.

    We don’t have TV in the house. I consider it our small act of civil disobedience: to cut away from the consumption machine. And it’s healthier for our children.

  13. daisy

    Wow! How cool is that? I’m so tired of paying for cable. Wonder if hubby could get his races?

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Daisy, there are no live broadcasts from Roku and the likes that I’m familiar with, but we get the races over the air with our antenna on regular TV channels. ~TxH~

  14. Kathy

    We’ve used Roku for a while now and we’re pretty pleased with it. Sometimes Hulu Plus loads slow but I can tell you that I have not regretted dropping the satellite yet. Between our HD antenna and Roku we have most everything we want.

  15. Amy @ Heritage Homemaker

    I have looked into the Roku several times. My husband just won’t give up cable. He is a football and NASCAR fan, and just won’t give them up 🙁

  16. Manuela@ A Cultivated Nest

    We bought an HDMI cable and hook it up from our tv to our computer and watch shows that way. Most stations carry their shows except the newest one on their sites and then Hulu has lots for free. We also have Netflix and you can stream tons of movies and shows for under $8 a month.

  17. Darlene

    Hi Stacy, We haven’t had cable for years. It’s an expense I would rather skip. It’s also a reason to stay glued to the t.v. and become couch potatoes. We have have a huge movie collection that we’ve had since my girls were young. Now my granddaughters watch them. We also watch movies and tv series on line which is great because we can watch it when we want to rather than work our schedule around the shows we watch. Project Free TV is completely free. They keep up with the television series but have not added any 2013 movies yet which is fine with me cause there are all kinds of other sites to watch movies free.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      We haven’t had cable for years either Darlene, and I’m shocked, SHOCKED when I hear how much it costs! And those that do have cable are constantly noting they have many (expensive) channels and still nothing to watch. Like you, we like to be mindful of our TV watching times. I think TV offers a valid entertainment value, but oftentimes it becomes just a repeated vegetative state if you’re not careful. LOL ~TxH~

  18. bolton carley

    Wow! That’s great information. I’m going to tell my parents, and consider it for myself. I despise paying the prices for cable. Ug. TALU 😉

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Bolton, it’s something we’ve fought against for years and I’m happy to say we STILL don’t have to pay for cable! LOVE IT! ~TxH~


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