Wild Hog Damage

Here in NE Texas wild hogs are a very expensive problem, rooting large holes that damage both grazing pastures as well as farm equipment. Yesterday as I was walking through one of our pastures I was dismayed to see lots of pasture damage. The damage is shocking & widespread.

These destructive wild-hog rototillers have rooted huge holes in various large swaths in our pasture. Some holes are over two-feet deep! I wrote about ways we attempt to Reduce Wild-Hog Populations on our Texas Homestead.

Do you struggle with hog damage on your place, and what is your most effective method of control?


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One thought on “Wild Hog Damage

  1. Joe

    I’ve seen this kind of damage before. Hogs can decimate an entire pasture in one night. They can also reproduce 3 times a year making them impossible to eradicate.


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