The ponds are filling fast

After a drought, the ponds are filling fast. #TexasHomesteader

One of the most exciting effects of the rain last week… a full pond. You don’t realize how much you really, REALLY appreciate something until it’s taken away! The first year of drought to hit us here in NE Texas was the brutal summer of 2011. Many Texans experienced the hardship of withering forage and drying ponds. One of our ponds here ran completely dry.

Being the eternal optimist that we are, we used this time to have the ponds reworked and the dry pond deepened, knowing that would make more water available in the coming years. But sadly 2012 was a drought year as well, one that gripped much of the US. We’re thankful for the moisture we’ve received recently to both replenish our ponds as well as help our winter pastures. Here’s hoping all of you have ample water as well.


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