Our Way Of Life: Sunrises FOREVER

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

RancherMan & I have a mantra: “Sunrises Forever”.  For us it means that every new day’s sunrise is a blank slate. A new beginning, a brand new start. 

Our sunrise may look different than yours and that’s ok. Today is a day to start new – to do something amazing that works for YOU.

What will you do with today's possibilities? Don't waste it, today's sunrise is a fresh opportunity great things! Sunrises FOREVER! #TexasHomesteader

Overcoming Life’s Troubles: Timid Beginnings

When RancherMan & I met we had each been through relationships that didn’t work out. The lesson we received was extremely painful and ground-shakingly sobering. 

Those failed relationships shook us to our core. Neither of us ever wanted to feel that way again. We were content to live our lives from then on without ever taking that chance again.

But something happened when we met, a tiny spark was lit. Timidly we proceeded. Dare we take the chance?

Would this relationship blossom into something beautiful, or go down in flames in yet another gut-wrenchingly painful experience?

Epiphany To Live A Life We LOVE – Sunrises Forever

Step by step we began to see the true colors each other held. And we loved what we saw in each other. 

Step by step we became convinced that THIS was the person with whom we were meant to spend the rest of our lives. It was during that epiphany that we coined the phrase

“Sunrises Forever”

For us at the time it symbolized the fact that the past was the past. But today’s sunrise was brand new – not dependent upon what happened yesterday or even tomorrow. 

Beautiful Texas sunrise sunset sky color. #TexasHomesteader

Today’s sunrise is fresh and bright and filled with possibilities. Possibilities that can (and did) turn into a beautiful reality.

Our Homestead Dreams

But it didn’t stop there. As we began our lives together we began to see many places where Sunrises Forever was applicable. 

When we purchased this piece of paradise and began raising cattle our logo was a sunrise. It was a symbol to ever remind us that today is brand new, as new as this new endeavor.

Once again our sunrise dream became a wonderful reality. And with each step it’s still filled with new & exciting turns. 

Each new sunrise gives us a new chance to do something different, or do the same thing better. Or start over completely.

But whatever the sunrise holds one thing is certain: We’ll be doing it together, side-by-side through the ups and downs of it all.

Symbol Of Our Mantra

When the cattleman’s organizations began encouraging cattlemen to heat-brand their cattle to deter cattle rustling we were once again on the cusp of something different. What should our brand be? 

It was a quick decision: Sunrises FOREVER!

We immediately claimed our brand and once again our symbol offered a new reminder that there were Sunrises FOREVER!

Cattle Brand What will you do with today's possibilities? Don't waste it, today's sunrise is a fresh opportunity great things! Sunrises FOREVER! #TexasHomesteader

Every Day Is Brand New Opportunity!

So this battle cry of sorts has become a way of life for RancherMan & me. And you know what? It can be a way of life for you too right where you are in your own walk of life.

Today’s sunrise is fresh & new – different from yesterday’s and even tomorrow’s. Today’s sunrise is full of possibilities. 

What will you do with today’s possibilities? Will you wipe away yesterday’s failure and do something great? 

Will you follow your passion? Or maybe make amends with that loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while? 

Will you use today’s sunrise to take yesterday’s success and build on it? Or maybe start all over with a clean slate?

What will you do with today's possibilities? Don't waste it, today's sunrise is a fresh opportunity great things! Sunrises FOREVER! #TexasHomesteader

Whatever it means for you, don’t waste it. Today’s sunrise is a fresh & new opportunity.

Use it for  something GREAT!


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3 thoughts on “Our Way Of Life: Sunrises FOREVER

  1. Marla

    What inspiring post and I love your way of how to live life “Sunrises Forever” Relationships all have their up and downs and it takes work, but anything worthwhile takes work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Pinning & tweeting!

  2. Pam Kaufman

    Great post. Very inspiring. It is so easy to get caught up in our problems and forget how great (and short) life is.


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