Do What You Love…

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

When my children were growing up and wondering what they would do for a career after they were out of school, I advised them not to follow the money but instead to do what they love for a living and they’d never ‘work‘ a day in their lives

But what does that mean? Come see what it meant to me.

Do what you love for a living and you'll "Never Work A Day in Your Life". How true this wise old statement is! See what it means to me. #TexasHomesteader


It was an old wisdom phrase I’d heard many years ago. Although you’ve still got to pay your dues sometimes, the wisdom in that statement really does hold true.

And I’ve found it’s never too late to reach for your dream.

Working In The Corporate World

When I was a young adult I started out working at a small-ish office with only about 5-6 employees. It was a great place to work and the staff members were close & almost like family to each other.

I enjoyed going to the office each day. My work was both mentally challenging and enjoyable. And being such a close, tight-knit group I deeply cared for the people with whom I worked.

Cut-Throat Work Environment

The company grew & grew, and so did the employee numbers. It was still a great place to work with great benefits, just a little faster-paced and of course a slightly higher stress level.

I worked at that company for 21 years, watching it grow from a small tight-knit office to a larger bustling one.

Although I still loved the work I did there, all the new employees made the office environment turn harsh. And cut-throat tactics to climb  that corporate ladder was on top of everyone’s list – at all costs

I’m not going to lie, suffering through those last years at that company was not pretty. I often felt betrayed by those I loved & trusted there.

Heart-to-Heart Talk

After dealing with insomnia, inability to eat and two simultaneous expensive and painful cracked molars from unconsciously grinding my teeth at night due to my stress level, RancherMan sat me down for a heart-to-heart talk.

Of course he was behind whatever decision I made. But he gently encouraged me to follow my heart.

Although we were both concerned about what this kind of stress was doing to my health, I was very hesitant to give up what I had worked so hard for all those years.

But now we lived at the homestead and I absolutely loved working with the cows. I loved the garden, caring for the chickens and working the bees.

Could I really quit my corporate job and actually do what I loved for a living?

Making A Leap Of Faith

I turned in my resignation and never looked back.

My days are now spent working hard and doing gritty, hot, physically-demanding work – and I love it!

I’ve been present at (or very nearly after) the birth of each of our calves. And  I’ve watched most of them take their very first breath of life.

Do what you love for a living and you'll "Never Work A Day in Your Life". How true this wise old statement is! See what it means to me. #TexasHomesteader

I’ve walked every square inch of this property, much preferring actual steps to a 4-wheeler so that I can see and hear everything along my way.

I’ve delighted as the storm clouds promise the rain we’ve waited so long for. And I’ve been saddened by the illness or death of one our animals.

But it’s real, and it’s a beautiful life. And I’ve never felt so much in control!

The beauty I see outside my window as I drink my coffee each morning truly touches my soul. That blazing morning sunrise promises a brand new day with brand new opportunities.

Do what you love for a living and you'll "Never Work A Day in Your Life". How true this wise old statement is! See what it means to me. #TexasHomesteader

It’s true that we’re at the mercy of the weather and feed prices, animal health and fence failures, But as I listen to the morning news reports of all the gridlock traffic woes waiting for those still forced into the daily grind, I know I’ve made the right decision for me.

Sure there are hardships when you work for yourself. But now I’m doing what I love.

And true to that wise old phrase – I’ll never ‘work’ another day in my life!


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8 thoughts on “Do What You Love…

  1. grandmasmad3ring circus

    I really admire your ability to follow your heart!
    I’m feeling the same way you did, and trying to get to the point where I can leave my job.
    It really is a tough decision, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

  2. Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple

    I so needed to read this! I recently quit my full-time job to take up some part-time(ish) work, and focus more on my life and passions, reconnect with my husband and family and friends. Hearing these words made me realize that, while I’m only about 6 months into this new life, it was still the perfect decision for us!

  3. Jillian

    Thank you for this timely post! It was just what I needed to hear! 🙂

  4. Lisa Lynn

    Words of wisdom, Tammy! I left my job as a landscape designer to homeschool my son when he was having trouble in school. One of the best decisions of my life!

  5. Judith

    Beautiful! I know what you mean by leap of faith. I made a leap of faith just this past summer when I resigned from my job of 15 years as a school secretary (pretty much for the same reasons you had.) And then that leap lead me to my new school.

  6. Candy C.

    What a great post! It is truly liberating to be able to do what you love. While money is necessary, we all have to ask ourselves “How much is truly enough?” I’m glad you are able to enjoy what you do, in spite of all the hard work and uncertainties! 🙂

  7. Madge @ The View From Right Here

    I glad you could and did make a choice to let go of the stress and follow your heart at home… life truly is more than money, although some is always a good thing.

  8. jody

    This post is fantastic! I can relate to a lot of it and I’m so happy for you! Living a life you love really does make all the difference! Thank you for sharing!


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