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Don’t Forget This Important Estate Planning Step For Your Heirs

by Texas Homesteader ~
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A legal will is important. But it’s also important to document those private account numbers, passwords, final wishes and more. Don’t leave your heirs in the dark! Now’s the time to document that important information. This easy estate planning step will help ease their burden after your death.

Documenting electronics passwords and log-in information. Don't leave your heirs in the dark! Now's the time to document those important numbers. This easy estate planning step will help after your death #TexasHomesteader

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Top 10 Homesteading Posts of 2019

by Texas Homesteader ~

Whelp, here we are at the end of 2019.  This year has been filled with firsts for me. I finally got an Instant Pot and learned to make IP Cheesecake (YUM!) and even easier IP Yogurt. I also got a bread machine & learned to make a 2-Lb Honey/Oatmeal Loaf. RancherMan’s favorite!

At the end of each year I like to share with you, my beloved readers, a list of the top 10 homesteading posts of the year found right here on this little ole blog of mine. This year y’all enjoyed some fun recipes, homemade cleaning supplies, tips, money-saving ideas and much more.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these top 10 Homesteading Posts of 2019!

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Top 10 Best Homesteading Posts – Yearly Roundup Edition

by Texas Homesteader ~

Back in 2013 RancherMan suggested I begin writing about our lives here on our Homestead. So we started a website and I started writing. I love sharing about our lives and glimpses into our days!

I began doing a feature at the end of each year where I share the top 10 posts that resonated with you the most, whether recipes, simple living or projects we’ve done.

I thought it would be fun to share a recap of what you readers have deemed all the most popular posts by year.  You can see each year’s top 10 homesteading posts right here in one place!

Here are the Top 10 Homesteading Posts on our page for each year since 2013. This is the yearly roundup version - each year's top 10 in one place!

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Join Us For A Day On The Homestead

by Texas Homesteader ~

D’ya ever wonder what it was like to be on a Texas Homestead?  I thought it would be fun to share… Here each day offers something new.  Some days we’re focused on land maintenance like mowing pastures or repairing fences.  Other days we might focus on bees, the garden or the cattle.  But this week we had one day in particular that ended up being a very challenging day for us. 

The temps that had once cooled nicely had made a wicked resurgence.  On this day between the heat & humidity it was supposed to feel like sweltering triple digits.  So RancherMan & I decided to work the cattle early in the morning while it’s cooler. That’s when everything went south…

Did you ever wonder what a day on the homestead was like? Join me to see what tasks are on tap at our N.E. Texas Homestead #TexasHomesteader

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Why Bother With This Homesteading Thing?

By Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’ve often thought about other people’s perspectives wondering why I work so hard to provide for myself. Why strive for self sufficiency? What are my reasons?

Food production is a main driver I suppose. But homesteading encompasses providing many items for yourself, not just food. 

Are you wondering: “Why bother with this homesteading thing in the first place??!!” Well read on, dear friends.

Why bother with homesteading? Health, finance, independence and self sufficiency. #TexasHomesteader

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It’s Not Work If You Love What You Do…

Texas Homesteader ~ 

When I worked in the corporate world I used to dread Mondays. After trying to relax at home over the weekend, cramming in all the “quality” time I could, it was back to work on Monday. 

With the intense pressure of it all, sometimes I felt like I was living to work, not working to live.

Now my office is in a pasture or garden in all kinds of weather. I’ve given up the hope of ever having pretty nails or work clothes without mud or manure.


It’s amazing what happens when you love your job this much.

It's not work if you love what you do. I've heard the saying "Bloom Where You're Planted". I'm so blessed that I've been planted here! #TexasHomesteader

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