Out Of Pocket – Missing Our Bottle Babies

by Texas Homesteader

We usually enjoy raising bottle calves each year in the spring.  This year we had things come up right at the time time we typically buy our babies so our bottle baby pen remains empty this year.

I’m looking forward to raising these little cuties next year though! We’re out of pocket today, so enjoy this photo from last year’s babies showing some Cuteness! Everyone together now – Awwwwww….


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Each spring we purchase 3-4 bottle calves to raise - Lots of work but we love it! #TexasHomesteader

Each spring we raise 2-4 bottle babies, usually dairy breed males. Although they are a tremendous amount of work, expense and worry with very little (if any) financial gain, we typically really enjoy the efforts. On Monday we purchased this spring’s babies. Here’s a sneak peak at the cuteness.


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