1880’s Barn x 2!


We have two old 1880's barns. #TexasHomesteader

Two 1880’s Barns

It’s no secret that I love old barns. The presence of a rustic 1880’s barn is the reason we chose this piece of property to begin our ranch life here many years ago. It was in crumbling shape on the outside but solid on the inside, so a significant amount of restoration was necessary to save it. I’m happy to say it continues to be a vital part of our ranch today.

Recently we acquired another 60-acre pasture. Wonder how we decided which pasture to purchase? Yep, an 1880’s barn is on the property! (photo left) Like the one here @ our homestead, (photo right) the “new” old barn is going to need some TLC. Love it! Be sure to check out the album on FB of our tour of our original 1880’s Homestead barn.


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