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How To Rehydrate & Use Dehydrated Pumpkin Puree

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Last year’s pumpkin harvest was truly out-o-control! I harvested so many pumpkins! Sure, I shared several of them with family & friends. But I still ended up with mountains of my own.

I love to use these heirloom pumpkins for puree in my Pumpkin Granola so I cooked ’em up & pureed them. They were measured out into 2-cup measurements and frozen for future use.

But RancherMan was the wild-hog-hunting KING and our freezer was filled to capacity with pork. But I still had two remaining pumpkins… 

They had some staying power, still looking as fresh as the day I harvested them. But I really needed to do something with them before they started to deteriorate. With no spare freezer room, what will I do?

I decided to Dehydrate the Pumpkins.

Rehydrating Pumpkin Puree. Come see how to rehydrate and use dehydrated pumpkin puree. Dehydrated Pumpkin puree stores in the pantry with no additional energy needed - a wonderful preparedness food! #TexasHomesteader


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How To Dehydrate Fresh Pumpkin

by Texas Homesteader ~

Last year’s garden included a very robust pumpkin harvest! When the season was over I harvested all those pumpkins and brought them inside before the first frost. But there were just so many!

I gave several fresh pumpkins to family & friends and used the remaining pumpkins for fall decoration purposes. One by one I cooked & pureed the pumpkins, using them in my Pumpkin Granola or other dishes.

But here we are months later and I’m staring at those two remaining pumpkins. And RancherMan’s filled our freezer with so much wild pork there’s no room to spare there.

But when that pumpkin starts with planting the seed, you make sure none is wasted! I decided to cook & dehydrate the two remaining pumpkins & store ’em in my pantry instead.

It’s so easy to do, y’all. And unlike using the freezer, dehydrated pumpkin uses no additional energy to store. Come see what I did!

How to dehydrate pumpkin to use all year long! These fresh pumpkins won't be wasted and now can be stored in tiny jars in my pantry. #TexasHomesteader

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How To Get Zero-Waste Citrus Juice For Recipes

by Texas Homesteader ~

Several weeks ago we were shopping for a family gathering and we needed to pick up some fresh limes for Homemade Pico de Gallo.

While we were in the grocery store to pick up limes, RancherMan decided that ‘6 for $1’ was the way to go. I wasn’t sure we’d go through all six limes though.

As it turns out there were indeed limes leftover after our gathering. To keep them from going to waste I washed them and tossed ’em in the freezer.

Come see how a frozen lime helps me reduce waste in the kitchen.

You could buy a plastic bottle of real lemon or lime juice, but why? Come see my easy, zero-waste (and CHEAP) solution for having 100% real citrus juice for my recipes. #TexasHomesteader

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How To Eat Your Compost! Becoming A Food Waste Ninja…

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Food waste – we all hate it. We work diligently to make sure none of that food we’ve paid our hard-earned money for is ever wasted. 

But are we doing all we can? Maybe…  But maybe not! 

Have you ever thought about eating your compost?

Stay with me now, I’m not suggesting that you root through the compost heap and snack on its contents. 

Can you actually EAT your compost? Stay with me now, I'm not saying you should eat the contents of your compost bucket. But there's LOTS of food you can make with scraps you'd previously just toss in the composter. Come see my favorite tips. #TexasHomesteader

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Homestead Hack: Keep That Broccoli Fresh!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

My baby sis and her hubby came to spend the weekend with us recently. RancherMan & I planned to grill out since the weather was nice.

I’d also planned to roast some fresh veggies that I had in the fridge.

As my sis & I were in the kitchen I opened the refrigerator door to fetch the broccoli that was leftover from our dinner party several days ago.

My sister saw how it was contained and exclaimed “That’s BRILLIANT!”

I guess I just never thought about it before. If you’re wondering how to keep broccoli crisp, check out this Homestead Hack.

Keep broccoli fresh and crisp for several days during its storage in your refrigerator. Check out this simple Homestead Hack! #TexasHomesteader

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Applesauce Is A Multi-Purpose Gem In Your Pantry

by Texas Homesteader ~

WHEW! I finally finished with all the fresh apples my aunt let us harvest from her tree & bring home. Ten bushels worth! TEN bushels. T-E-N. Wow.  

I’ve made and canned Apple Pie Filling for quick homemade pies this winter. And I dehydrated some of those delicious apples into crispy Cinnamon/Sugar Apple Chips for snacks. 

But I love the Slow-Cooker Applesauce the most. I’ve even taken some of the regular applesauce & flavored & canned it into Cinnamon-Vanilla Flavored Applesauce

And of course the liquid released when I cooked down those apples into applesauce wasn’t wasted either. I strained & canned it for apple cider.

All are delicious, but today I was thinking about that applesauce. How versatile it is in my kitchen. Not only do I enjoy eating it straight from the jar, but it replaces a cooking item I typically have to buy.

Not only do I enjoy eating homemade applesauce straight from the jar, but it replaces a cooking item I typically have to buy. #TexasHomesteader

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How To Make Clover-Blossom Jelly with Recipe

by Texas Homesteader ~

Although we often plant winter rye and clover for early grazing opportunities for our cattle herd, we planted clover heavily in the pen right next to the beehives. It’s beautiful in full bloom!

We’ve kept the cattle off of this piece of land to allow the bees to do their thing with the clover blossoms. I suspect there’s not a much sweeter delight than home-grown clover honey #amiright?

But as we were walking through that paddock recently I commented to RancherMan how fragrant those blossoms were. Wonder if I can make jelly from them? Hummmm…

Making Clover-Blossom Jelly. We have many clover blossoms in the pastures. Why not make Jelly with those fragrant blooms? It is delicious! #TexasHomesteader

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