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How I Make Cheap ‘Oat Flour’ With Whole Oats

by Texas Homesteader ~ 
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I often replace some of (or sometimes ALL of) the whole-wheat flour in my bread recipes with oat flour. But I don’t BUY oat flour, I make it myself.

Oat flour contains the healthy properties of whole oats. And by making it myself it’s cheap too. Don’t worry, it’s not hard nor does it require high-dollar equipment. I use bulk oats and a coffee grinder, y’all.

You’re not gonna believe how easy this is.

I grind whole oats into 'oat flour' and include it as a healthy ingredient in my homemade bread. The same hearty feel as whole wheat. #TexasHomesteader

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Quick & Easy Taco Seasoning Mix

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Back in ‘the day‘ I always kept several packets of taco seasoning in my pantry for those days I used it when I was making Carnitas Tacos. Or Pulled-Pork Enchiladas. Or maybe Taco Soup. Or… well anything Tex-Mex flavored.

RancherMan & I enjoy lots of Tex-Mex food, y’all. You know, ’cause that’s how we roll in Texas!

But that was before I started on this simple life journey. I’ve since learned that it’s beyond easy to whip up these spice mixes for myself. Come see…

It's super easy to mix up this taco seasoning mix in minutes. Pour it into a repurposed jar, slap a label on it and BOOM! Never buy those tiny disposable foil packets of taco seasoning again! #TexasHomesteader #Taco #Seasoning #TexMex #SaveMoney #EcoFriendly

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Favorite Jelly Recipes on our Blog…

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

A while back we changed the name of our little ole blog to ‘Texas Homesteader. There were many reasons for this, but mainly so that when I share a recipe or gardening tip, readers know right away what elevation or planting zone I’m referring to.

But whomever previously had the blog name ‘Texas Homesteader‘ before us apparently had some rockin’ jalapeno jelly. I’m constantly getting hits for folks looking for it. But I’m sorry to say it’s not here.

Although we love, love, LOVE jalapenos in almost everything we eat, neither RancherMan nor I enjoy sweet/spicy combinations. But I do share some delicious jelly recipes on this blog.

So if you’ve come looking for Jalapeno jelly recipe – sorry I can’t help ya. But I hope you stick around for some of the most delicious jelly (with EASY recipes) you ever hoped to find!

We have lots of great jelly recipes on our site, some don't even require added pectin. Come see how easy it is! #TexasHomesteader

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Homemade Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise – BACONNAISE!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

RancherMan likes to eat tuna sandwiches. He usually takes the quick route by just opening the tuna can, draining it and placing the meat on a mayonnaise-covered piece of bread.  LOL.

And when I’m making egg salad sandwich spread I use mayonnaise for that as well.

But I don’t typically buy mayonnaise. I’ve written before about making Garlic-Flavored Mayonnaise and I do still make that flavor from time to time. But I began experimenting with various flavors, oils & fats when making my mayonnaise.

But recently when I was making a batch of mayonnaise I wondered… Hummmm…

I can make my own bacon-flavored mayonnaise in minutes. #TexasHomesteader

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