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Favorite Jelly Recipes on our Blog…

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

A while back we changed the name of our little ole blog to ‘Texas Homesteader. There were many reasons for this, but mainly so that when I share a recipe or gardening tip, readers know right away what elevation or planting zone I’m referring to.

But whomever previously had the blog name ‘Texas Homesteader‘ before us apparently had some rockin’ jalapeno jelly. I’m constantly getting hits for folks looking for it. But I’m sorry to say it’s not here.

Although we love, love, LOVE jalapenos in almost everything we eat, neither RancherMan nor I enjoy sweet/spicy combinations. But I do share some delicious jelly recipes on this blog.

So if you’ve come looking for Jalapeno jelly recipe – sorry I can’t help ya. But I hope you stick around for some of the most delicious jelly (with EASY recipes) you ever hoped to find!

We have lots of great jelly recipes on our site, some don't even require added pectin. Come see how easy it is! #TexasHomesteader

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The Lazy Cook’s Wild Plum Jelly Recipe – No Pectin Needed!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 
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There are several wild plum trees in our pasture. One of the trees produced enough plums this year for me to make this small batch of wild plum jelly.

Is there any more beautiful crimson color than what’s displayed from a jar of homemade wild plum jelly?

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