Homestead Hack: Don’t Flush Cooking Fat Down The Drain!

by Tammy Taylor~ We’ve all probably done it – rinsing out remaining fat and letting it go down the drain. A quick flip of the garbage-disposal switch and the greasy problem is gone. Right? I’ve written before about how I’ve discovered how the problem Is NOT Gone when we flush things through our kitchen sink […]

Homestead Hack: Propping Tender Seedlings

by Tammy Taylor~ It seems vegetable-gardening planting is finally going on all over the US now.  Aaaaaahhhhh the veggie garden – how I love it.  Here in NE Texas (zone 8) I typically plant heirloom seeds in my ‘Indoor Greenhouse’ in February and transplant those heirloom seedlings into my garden after the danger of frost […]

Homestead Hack: Cardboard In Compost

by Tammy Taylor~ *Contains Affiliate Link Y’all know I have a compost tumbler and I’m a big advocate for making your own compost.  It’s healthy for your plants, cheap to make & a great way to make good use of kitchen scraps and paper trash that would otherwise just be wasted.  And it’s super easy […]

Homestead Hack: Keep That Broccoli Fresh!

by Tammy Taylor~ My baby sis and her hubby came to spend the weekend with us recently.  RancherMan & I planned to grill out since the weather was nice.  I’d also planned to roast some fresh veggies that I had in the fridge.  As my sis & I were in the kitchen I opened the […]