Cantaloupe Bread with Pecan Praline Glaze

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link My veggie garden did very well this year.  Usually by the middle of July the searing sun has wiped out anything that struggled to remain during the hot summer months.  But even though it’s been hot this year my garden has provided garden deliciousness well into the fall […]

Homemade Oatmeal / Honey Sandwich Bread

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link Well y’all already know that I make an effort to supply my handsome RancherMan with his favorite Homemade Sandwich Bread, He loves it so much more than the commercial stuff and I feel good knowing that my bread is filled with only natural ingredients I recognize and can […]

Easy Beer Bread: Savory Rosemary/Cheddar Variation

by Texas Homesteader ~ If you remember I was recently asked to bring a couple of savory breads for a family gathering we were attending. I like to bake these things myself instead of buying them for both financial as well as environmental reasons, but c’mon I like my convenience factors too! I decided I’d […]

Easy Beer Bread: Savory Pesto-Flavored Variation

by Texas Homesteader ~  Recently we were planning a family gathering.  When I asked what I could bring it was requested that I bring several different items. But one request was to bring bread of some sort (pesto bread was the recommendation). Of course I could just buy the bread but I always prefer for […]

Homemade Bread-Making Shortcuts

by Texas Homesteader ~  OK, so if you follow me on Facebook, y’all know we’re doing a grocery no-spend challenge this month. Which means I’m baking LOTS of homemade bread. But I’m trying to find shortcuts so that I’m not starting over every time. Although baking bread is easy, it seems between pulling out ingredients […]

FINALLY – A Soft, Delicious Sandwich Bread!

by Texas Homesteader *contains affiliate link RancherMan loves bread.  A lot.  And y’all know I like to try to provide for my family whenever possible.  But bread?  Hummmm…  I’ve read the recipes and they all talked about how easy it is, but bread has always been a challenge for me no matter how hard I […]