SOLAR COOKING: Making Bread Outside

by Texas Homesteader *affiliate link As I rose early one morning and glanced out the window at yet another beautiful sunrise, I wondered if the day would be good to bake bread outside. The clouds are beginning to burn off. And a quick check of the forecast shows that the weatherman promises lots of sun […]

A Day On The Homestead – Social Distancing Edition

by Texas Homesteader~ *contains affiliate link Times are uncertain. This COVID-19 scare has us all taking precautions. Our state and local authorities have advised that we stay away from public places. It’s recommended that we practice social distancing to flatten the curve of new cases. For RancherMan & me, that may look different than other […]

How I Make A Healthy, Creamy Salad Dressing In 1 Minute!

by Texas Homesteader ~  Aaaaah, spring! The trees are turning green, daffodils are blooming, and there’s all those fresh greens in the garden for a healthy salad. I LOVE salads! The freshness, the crispness and the healthy aspect of it. To me, it’s like welcoming spring after the long winter season of eating more comfort-foody […]