Repurposed Coffee Can Made Into Cute Flour Canister

by Texas Homesteader ~  *contains affiliate link I repurposed an empty coffee can to make a cute flour canister to store bulk flour. And a reusable chalkboard label makes it look nice in my kitchen too. I love the way it turned out – score another one for zero-waste repurposing!

Dinner Party, Shower-head Repair, Coffee Sale, Post-Holiday Food

by Texas Homesteader ~ Especially this time of year, we’re all trying to save a little money wherever we can, #amiright? I’ve found the best way to save some cold, hard cash is to incorporate easy (and non-drastic) money-saving measures into your daily life. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes there’s no sacrifice […]

Our Low-Waste Morning Coffee

by Texas Homesteader~  * includes affiliate link It seems these days making coffee involves all kinds of non-recyclable trash! But RancherMan & I enjoy the more simple brewing offered by our vintage percolator. We think it offers an exceptional cup of coffee. And there are several reasons why we prefer it over the fancy-schmancy newfangled […]

Old-Fashioned Money-Saving Tips From Grandma That Still Apply Today!

by Texas Homesteader ~  Grandma lived through the great depression. So she knew a thing or two about saving money while raising her family. And those same old-fashioned tips are still saving money for families everywhere today.  Come see a list of ways grandma saved money in her day, the same ideas you can use […]