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5 Frugal Things This Week: Appliance Repair, Weather, Ebay & More

by Texas Homesteader~ 

Whew! The weather’s changing in Texas. One day it’s cold, blustery & rainy, the next we have gorgeous blue skies, sunshine and temps in the 70’s! How’s the weather where you are?

Today I’m sharing 5 Frugal Things we did this week to save money. It’s easy to do and there’s been no sacrifice at all.

Looking for inspiration to save a few dollars too? Well check this out.

5 Frugal Things from appliance repair, to keeping warm on cold days, to comforting foods and eliminating food waste & more! #TexasHomesteader

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Don’t Leave Your Heirs In The Dark – Document Information NOW!

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Many of you know we lost a family member quite unexpectedly recently. He was only in his 50’s, he certainly wasn’t expecting death to come so soon. During the grieving, his children were left to pick up the pieces to get his estate & final affairs in order.

They struggled mightily to find the most basic information to even begin this estate process. Watching them struggle, RancherMan & I knew we needed to make sure our children were never left dealing with such uncertainties.

So we took steps to document things we’d never really thought of before.

Documenting electronics passwords and log-in information. Don't leave your heirs in the dark! Now's the time to document those important numbers. This easy estate planning step will help after your death #TexasHomesteader

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Do You Get What You Pay For, Or Pay More For Nothing?

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I have been talking about the true costs of staying with a company or product – not because it’s the best fit or best financial decision, but solely because they’re in our comfort zone.

Thankfully we are both in agreement. Part of the reason we can both live & work right here in our NE Texas paradise is because we both make sure our money is always spent wisely.

We know just going the cheapest route is seldom a good idea. Sure, you may initially save a few bucks. But if the product isn’t of high enough quality to give you satisfactory performance, it’s really not that good of a deal is it? It’s true you oftentimes get what you pay for.

BUT, (and this is important) it’s also oftentimes true that by being complacent you could very well be paying much more for a brand name or just to stay in your comfort zone, but NOT for a product or service that is the virtually the same elsewhere for significantly less.

Money To Burn? Don't get stuck paying much more than you should! Don't go with the status quo because that's the way it's always been. A little research can pay off BIGTIME! #TexasHomesteader
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5 Frugal Things This Week – Food Preservation, Special Bread, Gift Idea

by Texas Homesteader ~

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RancherMan & I love this life we live in our little piece of NE Texas paradise. Oh it’s true we work many more hours than we ever did when we were corporately employed, but our hours are  our own.  It’s our decision what to plant in the garden or when we will wean the calves.  It’s our decision whether to take up beekeeping or to plant winter pastures.  The success and failure of this life we love is determined by our hard work, the weather and sometimes sheer luck.  Being self employed is like that.   But being self employed also means we no longer have that cushy salary and basketful of benefits.  It’s a sacrifice we’re both more than happy to make.

One of the things that makes this life possible even with much less income is being very mindful of our expenses.  Oh I’m not saying we don’t spend money and that when we do we don’t strive to buy the best quality we can afford.  But small leaks sink great ships.  So I’m mindful of those small leaks.  Here are 5 frugal things we did this week.

Small leaks sink great ships. Come see the 5 Frugal Things we incorporated this week to make this life we love possible. #TexasHomesteader

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5 Frugal Things To Save Money This Week: Crappy Fridge Edition!

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I purchased all Frigidaire appliances when we outfitted our ranch kitchen.  The constant repairs on our Frigidaire microwave have been frustrating.  But more frustrating still is our crappy Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator.  It’s by far the loudest appliance in our home with visitors stopping to listen and asking “Is that your fridge??!” It required repair while it was still under its limited warranty, then after the warranty we’ve had to repair it several times.  The condenser fan went out, the water line developed a pinhole leak and needed repair,  the ice maker died, the water line to the dispenser came loose and made a flooding mess.  But this time it’s a more expensive fix, apparently the main circuit control board is shot.  This fridge lasted only 7 years y’all, and that was with many, MANY repairs.  Frigidaire? Never again for us!

It was an expensive week for sure but we were able to find many ways to save a little cash. So c’mon down, let’s play the Crappy Fridge Edition of “5 Frugal Things to Save Money This Week”!

Her crappy Frigidaire refrigerator dies after only 7 yrs. An expensive replacement for sure but come see ways they were able to save! #TexasHomesteader

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5 Frugal Tasks Today To Save Money – Simple Dessert, Food Waste, Decluttering

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I are able to live & work here on our Homestead – a place that speaks to our hearts – because we are very careful with our finances. You know what they say, “small leaks sink great ships” or, you know, something like that…

Anyway, my point is that by paying attention to the smaller things, living frugally just becomes a way of life. There’s really no sacrifice, just a consciousness of frugal tasks that make sense in the flow of our days. In my case frugality is only part of the reason I’m paying attention – many times those same tasks are also environmentally friendly too. And that’s a two-fer win for me!

5 FRUGAL TASKS To Save Money: By paying attention, living frugally just becomes a way of life. Frugal tasks are natural in the flow of our days #TexasHomesteader

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