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Raising chickens on a Texas Homestead

Breaking The Moody Broody Hen

by Texas Homesteader

Have you ever had to deel with a broody hen? That’s when she collects a whole clutch of eggs and sits on them trying to get them to hatch.

During that time she doesn’t eat much, and she doesn’t lay any more eggs. Her main focus is on hatching those eggs into baby chicks. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not.

A broody hen won't lay the eggs that we count on - See what we did to successfully & quickly break the Moody Broody Hen! #TexasHomesteader

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Once Again, We Have Chickens!

by Texas Homesteader
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Last year we dipped our toe into the raising-chickens waters.  We bought day-old chicks and raised them until fall when we sold them (we didn’t want to attempt to overwinter last year)  Oh how much fun they were to raise!  We free-ranged them and they made quite a dent in the grasshopper population and an incredible impact on the fly reduction on our cows in the barn pens.

Oh yeah, and they gave us FRESH EGGS!  We knew that as spring drew closer we’d consider again if we wanted to raise chickens.  The verdict is in: Um, YES PLEASE!

Our chicken breeder raises various breeds of chickens, so we bought laying hens. I loved raising chickens last year, here we go again! #TexasHomesteader

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Chicken Update: 21 Weeks – WE HAVE EGGS!

by Texas Homesteader

Back in April we bought day-old straight-run chicks. Three Black Minorcas for their larger body frames and three Ideal 236 for their larger egg-laying abilities.  After the chicks grew their feathers we put them in a mobile chicken tractor and moved them to fresh grass every day.  The chicks grew & grew!

When they outgrew the chicken tractor we moved them into the chicken coop in our 1880’s barn.  We let them out each morning to free range and locked them securely back in the barn each night.

The baby chicks now looked like grown chickens and Interestingly enough the Black Minorca roosters have different colored cheek patches.  We anticipated they would have large white patches and one of them does, but the other on has large red patches on his cheeks instead.

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