How To Rehydrate & Use Dehydrated Pumpkin Puree

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link Last year’s pumpkin harvest was truly out-o-control! I harvested so many pumpkins! Sure, I shared several of them with family & friends. But I still ended up with mountains of my own. I love to use these heirloom pumpkins for puree in my Pumpkin Granola so I cooked […]

How To Dehydrate Fresh Pumpkin To Use All Year Long

by Texas Homesteader ~  I like to dehydrate fresh pumpkin. It’s so easy to do, y’all. And unlike storing pumpkin puree in the freezer, dehydrated pumpkin can set right on your pantry shelf in a sealed jar, it uses no additional energy to store. Come see how easy it is!   

Rehydrating & Enjoying Previously-Dehydrated Carrots

by Texas Homesteader ~ Remember recently I ended up with a boatload of fresh carrots? Now there was no way to consume that many carrots before they went bad. So I was frantically sharing as many as I could with friends, family & neighbors but there were Still. So. Many. Carrots. So I dehydrated a […]

Homestead Hack: Use Residual Heat To Dehydrate

by Texas Homesteader ~ *affiliate link (Note: Some links in this post are for further information from earlier posts I’ve written. But links preceded with * are affiliate links. If you click them and buy something (almost anything, not just the item noted) I could receive a small purchase. But the price you pay will NOT change. It’s […]

Dehydrated Salsa In A Jar Using Dry Vegetables & Salsa Mix. Great Gift Idea!

by Texas Homesteader ~  I was dehydrating lots of vegetables from my garden. Each one was placed in a repurposed glass jar in my pantry. Then I decided to assemble various dry veggies, add some seasoning and make dehydrated salsa in a jar as a gift. The gift recipients LOVED IT!

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrated DICED Tomatoes

By Texas Homesteader ~  *contains affiliate link Tomatoes are the darling of the vegetable garden around these parts. Some like to plant squash, some like peppers. But by golly almost everyone has a tomato bush (or two, or three…) in their garden! None of my tomatoes will go to waste. Even when they’re producing too […]