Dehydrated Potatoes Into Hash Browns

by Texas Homesteader ~  This year I’ve had so much fun dehydrating fruits and veggies.  I dehydrated several pounds of potatoes and found that when they were fully dehydrated they take up very little space. I was able to store them in very small containers. And of course since they’re dehydrated they’re going to last […]

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrate Jalapenos

by Texas Homesteader *this post contains an affiliate link I’ve been using my solar oven pretty heavily this year and I’ve finally dehydrated all my excess garden tomatoes for the summer.  (again for those of you asking, I have a *Sun Oven and I love it!)  I’ll use the dehydrated tomatoes in numerous ways – to make […]

Frozen Applesauce – An All-Natural Frozen Sweet Treat

by Texas Homesteader ~ My aunt always shares bushels of apples from her tree. Oh how I love them! I’m not sure what variety they are, but they’re flavorful, crisp and sweet. I’ll tote all those apples home and get to processing Apple Pie Filling, dried apple slices, Fruit rollups, and much more. Many times I’ll […]

Garden Update: August

by Texas Homesteader ~ Whelp, it’s August y’all.  In TEXAS!  August typically means hot and dry weather.  Usually this is the time when I quit fighting the garden altogether and let it go dormant.  I mean, when it’s this hot nothing wants to set fruit anyway.  And during our typical summer when the rain taps […]