Dehydrated Salsa In A Jar – Great Gift Idea!

by Texas Homesteader ~  *Includes affiliate link I was dehydrating lots of vegetables from my garden. Each one was placed in a repurposed glass jar in my pantry. Then I decided to assemble various dry veggies, add some seasoning and make dehydrated salsa in a jar as a gift. The gift recipients LOVED IT!

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrated DICED Tomatoes

By Texas Homesteader ~  *contains affiliate link Tomatoes are the darling of the vegetable garden around these parts. Some like to plant squash, some like peppers. But by golly almost everyone has a tomato bush (or two, or three…) in their garden! None of my tomatoes will go to waste. Even when they’re producing too […]

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrate Jalapenos

by Texas Homesteader *this post contains an affiliate link I’ve been using my solar oven pretty heavily this year and I’ve finally dehydrated all my excess garden tomatoes for the summer.   (again for those of you asking, I have a *Sun Oven and I love it!)  I’ll use the dehydrated tomatoes in numerous ways. To make […]