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Homestead Hack: Travel Bag Organization

by Texas Homesteader~ 

So, y’all already know that RancherMan & I took a little road trip recently to central Texas. We were there to enjoy the 2-day Mother Earth News Fair.

It’s the first time we’ve ever been able to attend their fair. And let me tell ya it was AWESOME!

But while I was packing my bag in preparation for our trip I was reminded of something that I do to help keep my things organized inside my luggage.

Check out this Homestead (travel) Hack. Oh man, you’re not gonna believe this!

HOMESTEAD HACK: Travel Bag Organization. See what I do to help keep things organized inside my luggage. Check out this Homestead (travel) Hack #TexasHomesteader

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Mother Earth News Fair 2016 – Belton, Texas

by Texas Homesteader ~

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A couple of months ago I was scanning my newsfeed and suddenly I stopped cold.  What do I see before my eyes? Could it be?  YES – the Mother Earth News Fair was coming to Texas!  I’d never been able to attend the MEN Fair before since I was under the mistaken impression that it was always held in the same location, far away from our homestead.

Imagine my utter glee at seeing that they hold fairs all around the US and now it was coming to central Texas, certainly within driving distance for RancherMan and me!  So we excitedly made plans to attend the two-day event.

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Thanksgiving Food Safety: Keeping Hot Food HOT!

~ by Texas Homesteader ~

To keep food safe it needs to be kept at a safe temperature even when traveling for the big meal. Every step from oven to transport to serving your special dish. Food safety is important. But how do you keep that casserole safely hot while driving to grandma’s house? Come see how we do it.

MAKE SURE YOUR HOT FOOD STAYS HOT - Food safety is important! See how we keep that casserole hot during transit and before the big meal. #TexasHomesteader

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Working On The Road: My Rolling Office

by Texas Homesteader ~ 
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I’m a full-time Homesteader. But I’m also a full-time blogger. (How does she do it, folks??  LOL) 

Recently RancherMan & I were planning a road trip 7 hours away. I knew we would be away from the homestead for a week and a half.

I hated to leave my blog work at home getting further & further behind until I returned. But what’s a girl to do? 

RancherMan set me up with a travelling office. Wanna see?

An inexpensive setup that allows me to take my computer on the road and work in the car during road trips. Want to see my portable office? #TexasHomesteader
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FUN Trip To Red River, New Mexico

by Texas Homesteader 

There nestled in the Red River Valley in Northern New Mexico is a quaint little town simply called Red River. It’s close to Angel Fire & Taos ski resorts and is probably better known for its small skiing facilities in the winter.

But the truth is I much prefer to be there in the summer, it’s absolutely beautiful! As a matter of fact Red River is where RancherMan & I spent our (summertime) honeymoon when we got married. He loves this beautiful place as much as I do.

So periodically we’ll take a road trip and spend a couple of days there. Luckily an opportunity came up to do just that recently.
Although Red River, NM is probably best known for its ski facilities. But I much prefer to visit in the summer, it's absolutely beautiful! We visited surrounding areas too. Check out the FUN! #TexasHomesteader
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Fun In The Sun At Surfside Beach, TX

by Texas Homesteader~

RancherMan & I got the opportunity to spend a week with family renting a lovely beach house at Surfside Beach near Galveston, Texas.  The plan was to meet up with my baby sister & her family as well as my big brother & his wife and we’d all gather for the week in this one large rented home large enough for all of us.

BUT my brother & his wife couldn’t make it after all.  So there were just the five of us rattling around that big lovely 2-story 4-bedroom 3-bath house.

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