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Credit Card Match, Free Garden Mulch, Travel Discounts, etc.

RancherMan & I are self employed. As any self-employed person knows, the toils are more meaningful but c’mon it’s true – the time requirement is much higher & the income is much less. We’re both very frugal minded though, and that helps bunches. We’re mindful of ways to save money (and even more importantly ways not to waste money).

Having this mindset allows us to live & work right here living a life that speaks to our hearts because our income requirement stays low. It’s just a state of mind, y’all! Come see 5 Frugal Things we did this week to save money.

Come see 5 Frugal Things (and even MORE) that we did at the Taylor Household this week to save money. #TexasHomesteader

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A Fun Trip To Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Texas Homesteader ~

Like my other siblings & myself, my brother has lived in Texas almost all his life. But when he married MST3K star Mary Jo Pehl (aka: Pearl Forrester) several years ago they lived in Austin for a short while, then moved waaaaay up north to Minneapolis Minnesota. 

Wow, now that’s a long way away for a Texas gal to visit – it’s a 14-hour drive! So each time they asked we promised we’d look into a visit soon but ranch duties, calving issues, garden chores, community commitments, etc. just kept us from being able to carve out enough time to be away from the ranch. 

But RancherMan stumbled upon a ‘Wanna Get Away’ fair on SW Airlines that made it affordable for us to fly out.  Less time away from the ranch – let’s DO IT! First we had to drive into Big D to catch a flight…

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Hitting the Road: Amarillo, Texas

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

RancherMan & I love our home in our Northeast Texas paradise.  But sometimes a road trip is in order and we love to travel to West Texas to visit our favorite aunt and uncle. Recently we had just the opportunity after viewing our calendars and seeing it’s about to get super busy at the Taylor Household.  So we prepared our animals for our brief absence and headed west for a weekend of fun in Amarillo, Texas.

A road trip to Amarillo, Texas to visit family. Come see what a great time we had including a performance of Aladdin at the Amarillo Little Theater #TexasHomesteader

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Lower-Waste Hotel Stays When Traveling

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Recently RancherMan & I traveled to a city about 4 hours away from our ranch so that we could attend the 2-day Mother Earth News Fair. I’d never been to their fair before and OH MY what a great time we had!!

But since it was a two day seminar and because it was an 8-hour round trip, we decided to get a hotel room close to our destination for the weekend. Now we prefer Comfort Inn Suites because we’ve found the quality at their hotels is pretty consistent. And we like the complimentary hot & hearty breakfast that their chain of hotel offers.

Although hotel stays can be notoriously wasteful, there are a few ways RancherMan & I have easily & comfortably reduced some of the waste that would typically be produced by a hotel stay.

LOWER-WASTE HOTEL STAY: Hotels can be notoriously wasteful but there are a few ways we easily & comfortably reduced some of the waste #TexasHomesteader

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