Wearing UV Protective Clothing To Protect Skin From Sun’s Harmful Effects

by Texas Homesteader ~  If you work outside often, wearing sun UV-Protective clothing can protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun. RancherMan & I work our homestead every day, most of our daily activity involves being outside. We are careful to protect our skin from the sun.

Hairstyle Simplicity On The Homestead – Lilla Rose!

by Texas Homesteader ~ Several years ago I saw a one-piece infinity-shaped hair clip in my sister-in-law’s hair and I loved it. It was so pretty, so feminine.  I asked her where she got it but she said she couldn’t remember, that she’d had it for years. Several weeks later I stumbled upon an image […]

The Absolute Most Popular Blog Post For Each Year

Here we are in a bright, shiny new year.  I hope all of you had an awesome 2016 and are looking forward with eagerness to the possibilities that 2017 holds. RancherMan & I have many exciting things to look forward to in ’17!  I’m thinking about opening an Etsy shop for some of the homemade […]

Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader ~ Whelp, here we are in the last month of the year.  Howzabout this:  Just for fun, I’ll share a series of the “Best-Of” posts from previous years, ending up with the most popular best-of posts for 2016 at the end of the month.  Whaddya say – are you in??  YES! My […]

Environmental Awareness On The Homestead: No-Spill Fuel Can Eliminates Spilled Fuel

by Texas Homesteader ~  *affiliate link I always cringed when RancherMan would fill my tractor with fuel. He’d try his best to be careful not to spill fuel, but it’s neigh impossible when the fuel lid is on the top of the tractor. I found this fuel can design solves the problem of trying to […]