Cancer just SUCKS!

by Tammy Taylor Many of you know I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.  Praise GOD I’m now cancer free, but I’m not gonna lie it was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through in my life.  Now I want to do something about it – I want to fight back, to kick […]

Some Things Just Can’t Be Done ALONE! American Cancer Society

by Tammy Taylor Many of you know that last year was very challenging for RancherMan & me.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and struggled through a frightening year of specialists, medical procedures and surgeries.  I’m here to tell ya there’s no other feeling like sitting in that doctor’s office and being told “You Have […]

Top 10 Best Homesteading Posts – Yearly Roundup Edition

by Texas Homesteader ~ Y’all know I started this little ole blog of mine back in 2013. It was a hard year for us, I’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer. But RancherMan suggested I begin writing about our lives here on our Homestead. So we started a blog, I started writing and even all […]

Wearing Sun UV Protective Clothing

by Tammy Taylor *contains affiliate link Summer’s HERE, y’all!  We’re experiencing above-normal temps and have once again gone from winter directly to summer with no delightfully-cool spring temps between.  RancherMan & I work our homestead every day, so much of our daily activity involves being outside.  Sun protection is important but we both hate the […]